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Barrowmaze Complete on Indiegogo

The Barrowmaze Complete project is live at Indiegogo:

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Barrowmaze at 24 Hours of Gaming

The folks who set up Underground Con are putting on a charity gaming event later this year in Calgary. 24 Hours of Gaming runs from Saturday December 1st to Sunday December 2nd at the Trilogy Gaming Club. Here’s the promo … Continue reading

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Barrowmaze II

(Note to Googlers: Unlike my previous post, this one is about Barrowmaze II and is not a session report.) So Barrowmaze II has been released, and since I supported it on Indiegogo I was able to download a copy. I’m … Continue reading

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Session Report – Barrowmaze #2

(Note to Googlers: This is the second in my series of Barrowmaze session reports, not a session report for Barrowmaze II.) The surviving tomb raiders continued their foray into the Barrowmaze, accompanied by one new companion. Characters for the this … Continue reading

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Session Report – Barrowmaze #1

So we have a bit of a hiatus in our typical “Rise of the Runelords” D&D 2e campaign and I offered to run a couple sessions of Barrowmaze. I managed to snare three players, each with two PCs: Lead & … Continue reading

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My latest PDF purchase is Barrowmaze from Greg Gillespie. It’s a classic old-school megadungeon with an undead theme. It fits well with the campaign background of Mutants & Magic, involving the overthrow of the Necromancer Kings prior to the rise … Continue reading

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