DolmenBarrow Equipment Quick-Start

In an attempt to speed up character creation, we’ll do randomized equipment selection. These tables are based Gavin Norman’s Dolmenwood House Rules.


Fighters (& subclasses) roll 1d6 twice and pick the best result; clerics (& subclasses) and non-humans roll 1d4; thieves (& subclasses) roll 1d4 but ignore shields; magic-users get no armour.

  1. Leather Armour (AC 7)
  2. Leather Armour + Shield (AC 6)
  3. Studded Leather (AC 6)
  4. Studded Leather + Shield (AC 5)
  5. Chainmail (AC 5)
  6. Chainmail + Shield (AC 4)

(Moss dwarfs get cork armour instead of leather, and pinecone armour instead studded.)


Fighters roll 1d12 twice; clerics roll 1d4 twice; thieves and non-humans roll 1d8 twice; magic-users get a dagger.

  1. Club (1d4 dmg)
  2. Quarterstaff (1d6 dmg, 2 hands)
  3. Mace (1d6 dmg)
  4. Sling + 20 Bullets (1d4 dmg)
  5. 3 Daggers (1d4 dmg)
  6. Hand Axe (1d6 dmg)
  7. Shortsword (1d6 dmg)
  8. Shortbow + 20 Arrows (1d6 dmg)
  9. Spear (1d6 dmg, or 1d8 dmg with 2 hands)
  10. Woodsman’s Axe (1d8 dmg, 2 hands)
  11. Longsword (1d8 dmg)
  12. Heavy Crossbow + 20 Quarrels (1d8 dmg)

(Moss dwarfs can swap metal weapons for a wooden cudgel [1d6 dmg].)

Class-Specific Equipment

  • Fighters who rolled crappy armour and weapons (referee’s discretion) get an extra piece of adventuring gear.
  • Clerics get a wooden holy symbol.
  • Thieves get thieves’ tools.
  • Magic-users get a spellbook with one spell selected by player plus 1d4 random spells.

General Adventuring Gear

All characters start play with a backpack, a tinderbox, 5 torches, 1d12gp, and 1d4 items rolled from the list below:

  1. Crowbar
  2. Hammer
  3. 10 iron spikes
  4. Sledgehammer
  5. 5 days’ rations
  6. Waterskin
  7. 50′ hempen rope
  8. Bedroll
  9. Lantern and 3 flasks of oil
  10. Ink, quill, and 5 sheets of parchment
  11. 10 sticks of chalk
  12. Small sack



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