Adventure Log

The DolmenBarrow campaign consists of tabletop adventures with six players (usually four or five at any given session) plus referee, delving twice a month into the Barrowmaze.

See the DolmenBarrow PCs page for current characters, and the Boneyard for a summary of deceased heroes.

Here’s a summary of our game sessions:

1 – Into the Barrowmaze! (25-Apr-17): Our heroes first foray into the dungeon. They manage to recover a jewelled broadsword from a barrow mound, but lose two characters in the process.
2 – Faction War (04-May-17): The PCs discover the conflict between the Drunes and Acolytes of Orcus and claim the magical skull talisman. They also encounter the Norse Whisperers in the dungeon, but lose treasure due to thieving henchmen.
3 – Fingers & Fireballs (24-May-17): Nine brave heroes leave Prigwort for the Barrowmaze, but only a lone moss dwarf returns… The first incident involved a high Drune and a finger of death. Seven more were killed when the party triggered an explosive fireball trap in the tomb of the Lost Robo-Dwarf.
4 – The Necromancer Defeated! (08-Jun-17): The PCs defeat the ‘Necromancer’ (actually a high Drune) that the Norse Whisperers warned them about. Our heroes also ‘rescue’ Grr’Woof-Nub the Mongrelmen from the Barrowmaze.
5 – Ridiculous Treasure (20-Jun-17): Our heroes hit the jackpot as the Southern Crypts yield tons of loot. They also manage to locate the Fount of Law, a powerful artifact against Chaos! But the Acolytes of Orcus now control the dungeon…
6 – A Cautious Foray (04-Jul-17): The PCs are unlucky with runic tablets while slumming near the main entrance and end the session in the dungeon. The clock is now ticking towards the dark ritual of the Acolytes of Orcus.

The adventure continues! Expect further summaries as the game progresses.