Character Class

Each Mutants & Magic PC has a class. A character’s class is his profession or vocation. It determines what he is able to do: prime requisites, combat training, special abilities, and more.

  • Fighter: Possess exceptional combat capability and skill with weapons.
  • Magic-User: A potent spellcaster schooled in the arcane arts.
  • Cleric: Disciple of divine forces and a decent warrior as well.
  • Thief: A scoundrel and sneak who survives by stealth rather than brute force.
  • Hunter: A master of survival and skilled hunter of the wilds.
  • Psionicist: Focus on the development of superior psychic powers.

Class Descriptions

For every class, you’ll find the following game rule information:

Prime Requisite: This entry tells you which ability score is most important for a character of that class.

Hit Dice: You add the hit dice given for each class level to your character’s hit point total. These are in addition to your base hit points: fighters and hunters receive 6 hp, clerics and thieves receive 5 hp, while magic-users and psionicists receive 4 hp (plus CON modifier, if any).

Combat Ability: Apply the Base Attack Bonus (BAB) to melee and ranged attacks. Weapon and armour proficiencies indicate the equipment permitted for your class.

Saving Throws: This indicates your target number for saving throws.

Special Abilities: Each class has certain special abilities that are described in this section.

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    The ‘base hit points’ rule is roughly equivalent to the ‘hp kicker’ from HackMaster, though significantly less potent.

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