Psionicist Progression

Level XP Hit Dice BAB Save
1 0 1d6+4 +0 14
2 1,750 2d6+4 +0 13
3 3,500 3d6+4 +0 13
4 7,000 4d6+4 +0 12
5 14,000 5d6+4 +0 12
6 28,000 6d6+4 +0 11
7 56,000 7d6+4 +0 11
8 100,000 8d6+4 +0 10
9 200,000 9d6+4 +0 10

Game Rule Information

Prime Requisite: A psionicist’s prime requisite is Charisma; a character must have a CHA score of 9 or higher to become a psionicist.

Alignment: Psionicists may be of any alignment, but are typically Lawful or Neutral.

Hit Dice: Psionicists start with a “hit point kicker” of 4 hp and gain 1d6 hit points + CON mod per class level.

Combat Ability: A psionicist has a poor Base Attack Bonus progression. Psionicists are proficient with any low-tech melee or thrown weapon that can be wielded one-handed, plus staff. They are proficient with light armour only (no shields).

Saving Throws: Due to their ‘sixth sense’, psionicists have overall superior saving throws.

Special Abilities

Psionic Powers: A psionicist gains psionic abilities as he increases in level. At each level, a psion adds one psionic power of the indicated grade. He also automatically adds any psionic powers gained from mutations to his ‘powers known’ list, as long as they are of the same grade or less as indicated on the table.

A psionicist’s ability to manifest psionic powers is limited by the Inner Strength Points (or ISP) he has available. His daily allotment of ISP is given on the table below. A psionicist’s CHA modifier is added to this value. A 2nd-lvl psion with CHA 18, for example, would have 5 ISP.

The total number of powers a psion can manifest in a day is limited only by his daily ISP, though he must get a good night’s sleep each day to regain all his spent ISP.

Unarmed Combat: Due to his mastery of mind and body, a psionicist can inflict 1d4 points of damage with bare-hand attacks. This increases to 1d6 damage at 5th level, and to 1d8 damage at 9th level.

Psionic Powers

1 1 Minor 1
2 2 Minor 2
3 3 Minor 4
4 4 Medium 8
5 5 Medium 12
6 6 Medium 18
7 7 Major 24
8 8 Major 32
9 9 Major 40

* A psionicist with high CHA may add bonus ISP.

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