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Mothership – Android House Rules

(I’ve recently got hooked on the Mothership RPG from Tuesday Night Games. For ease of reference, I’m posting my Android House Rules.) In my game, androids are pseudo-flesh products of “synthetic biology” as opposed to robots. Androids still need to … Continue reading

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Atomic ACKS – Pure-Strain Custom Classes

You know how sometimes you get an idea and can’t focus on anything else until you get it out of your system? I should be finishing up the new characters for my Black City campaign, but for some reason am … Continue reading

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Orcs of Minaria

The Age of Autarchs game is going strong. I’m so busy with gaming that I haven’t posted to the blog at all. Here’s a quick-and-sloppy update about Orcs. This is the background for Orcs in Minaria: Orcs are grotesque beastmen … Continue reading

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Greater Serpent-Men (Draft)

(There was some discussion about Snake-Men on the ACKS Discord that linked to my old Serpent Men Custom Classes post. I’m dredging up a related post that I had in draft but didn’t publish. I never finished the flavour text, … Continue reading

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Tonight I was checking out the Dungeon Dozen, when I ran across this most excellent picture by Jason Sholtis: Henceforth in my campaigns, all Gnomes shall have elongated skulls. This, obviously, is the reason for the pointy hats.

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