Mutants & Magic

In a dark future wasteland, the great cities have risen and fallen. Civilization’s grip on mankind has grown weak and arthritic. Dark forces seek to renew forgotten covenants, and primordial beasts reclaim the wilderness.

One thousand years after the Fall, a strange new world rises from the old…

…a world of savagery, super science, and sorcery!

Mutants & Magic is an old-school rules-light fantasy / post-apocalyptic role-playing game. This gameblog is intended to capture character information, house rules, campaign background, session logs, and player communications.

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Hyperborean ACKS – Purloiner Class

PurloinerACKS version of the Purloiner class from AFS #4. “Oft dedicated to a deity of larceny, the purloiner is a thief who practices the divine [magic] of a cleric … In Hyperborea, such divine thieves [usually] pay homage to Rel, though it is not unusual for purloiners to [also] worship Xathoqqua.”

HD 0 (d4), Fighting 1b, Thievery 1, Divine 2 (Cleric, 2 trade-offs).

Base XP: 0 + 500 + 200 + 500 = 1200 XP for 2nd level.

2 Fighting Styles: Two-weapon style; two-handed weapons.
Broad Weapon Selection: One-handed weapons, missile weapons.
Narrow Armour Selection: Leather armour or lighter (no shields).
Thievery Skills: Pick Pockets, Move Silently, Hide in Shadows.
Custom Powers: Trap Finding @ 3rd, Backstab @ 5th, Prestidigitation @ 7th.

Maximum Level: 14th.
Prime Requisite: Dexterity and Wisdom.
Proficiencies: As Thief.
Saving Throws: As Cleric.
Magic Items: As Thief and Cleric.
Stronghold: Hideout (as Thief).

Spells: As witch, minus heal/cure magic. (I still need to define this.)

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Hyperborean ACKS – Sea Blood Custom Classes

(After a long hiatus, another Hyperborean ACKS post – this one based on the Space Cockroach’s custom class and LL Realms of Crawling Chaos.)

Sea BloodThere are communities near the sea that speak in hushed whispers of what lies in the depths just off the shore.

Sometimes, struggling fishing towns have little recourse but to seek these dangers, to increase their fishing catch. Other times greedy sailors make bargains with sea demons for the gold they mine in unfathomable depths. In either case, the necessary pacts always involve the union of humans and Deep Ones, from which the Sea Bloods originate.

Player characters may come from one of these communities, fully aware of the chilled fish-frog blood that slithers through their veins. Other characters may be oblivious to it, having a Deep One ancestor somewhere in their distant heritage… until they get older and the deep one “look” begins to manifest.

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Simians & Sorcery!

(I’ve been on a Planet of the Apes kick recently and might run a one-shot of Dungeon of the Apes using my Mutants & Magic rules…)

Monkey Man

Far to the southwest – across the Barrier Peaks and on the shores of the Great Ocean – exists the Simian Sultanate. This realm is ruled by great apes (of various races) and the local humans are either feral and animalistic or mutated psionic savants.

The Simian Sultanate is anti-human and generally anti-tech. Their religion is similar to the Church of Law and centres around the Lawgiver. Arcane magic is outlawed, and Ancient lore is treated with suspicion.

The Sultanate is largely isolationist and self-sufficient. Their primary foes are psionic mutants inhabiting the ruins of the Forbidden Zone. The Sultanate must also contend with nests of feral near-humans throughout their territory.

Level Limits

Ftr M‑U Clr Thf Hun Psi     Sci    
Chimpanzee F F F F F F 7 F
Gorilla F 4 6 7 8 5 4
Orangutan 7 5 F 6 5 6 5
Gibbon 6 4 5 F 6 5 4

(Add the character’s Prime Requisite modifier to all level limits.)
F Favoured class; can freely multiclass.

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Barrowmaze Complete on Indiegogo

The Barrowmaze Complete project is live at Indiegogo:

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Kung Fury

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Wasteland Chillin’

Chillin' Wasteland Style

Big D’s chillin’ over here, wasteland style (via Adventure Time and lonely-rad-kid).

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