Astonishing ACKS!

I’m calling my current campaign Astonishing ACKS. It’s an old-school RPG mashup set in the Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea (AS&SH) campaign world using the Adventurer, Conqueror, King System (ACKS) ruleset.

Here’s the setting in a nutshell:

Hyperborea is the default campaign setting for Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea. This “flat earth” realm is hemmed in by the mystical boreas (“North Wind”), and under the scarlet light of a bloated, dying sun, its roiling seas spill eternal over the world’s rim. Hyperborea is in a perpetual state of decay, populated by disharmonious men, hostile monsters, and weird, alien beings.

To learn more about the campaign, use the menus at top and right (on the desktop view) or click on the following links:

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Baby Shoggoth

Created by Google DeepDream; clip via imgur by TheCantankerousCaptainAptos:

Baby Shoggoth.gif

And remember – keep it weird, my friends!

Hyperborea HR

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Dungeon Solitaire

pic3115174_mdI’ve been away from the game table for a few weeks, but have kept myself busy with a card game called Dungeon Solitaire by Matthew Lowes.

The original version, subtitled Tomb of Four Kings was released last year and can be downloaded for free. It uses a standard deck of playing cards.

The “full” game – called Labyrinth of Souls – is the result of a recent Kickstarter campaign which included the full rulebook and a custom deck of cards (illustrated by Josephe Vandel), but can also be played with regular Tarot cards.

Today I’m going to post my thoughts and reviews for the Basic and Expert versions of the game, with the intent to follow up later with more.

HR_Vintage Continue reading

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Port Zangerios

Here’s a location I haven’t detailed yet in Astonishing ACKS – Port Zangerios:


(Image swiped from the Primeval Thule RPG.)

Hyperborea HR

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Joseph Bennet – Odin’s Afterbirth

Another awesome video; this one is called Odin’s Afterbirth, by Joseph Bennet:

(I came across this on Monster Brains.)

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Xathoqquan Woodcut

Here’s a sweet Xathoqqua/Tsathoggua woodcut from Xylographilia:


All hail Xathoqqua!

Hyperborea HR

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Temple of the Frog (Mullen)

A more whimsical piece today. The Temple of the Frog, courtesy of Peter Mullen:

Temple of the Frog.png

Hyperborea HR

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Khromarium Harbour District

My second pre-scheduled post. This one’s another Thomas Kinkade piece – a view of Khromarium from the hills overlooking the harbour district:


Hyperborea HR

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