Finishing Touches

By now, you should have a pretty good idea how your character will end up. There are just a few more decisions before your PC is done.

Trading Ability Points:

At this point, it is possible to raise a Prime Requisite by lowering another Ability score. This like like practicing hard to improve your innate abilities, but at the cost of neglecting other aspects of your character.

The rules for adjusting Ability Scores are:

  • You can raise a Prime Requisite (and only a Prime) by one (1) point for every two (2) points another Ability Score goes down.
  • Multiclass characters can’t lower one Prime to raise another (but you can raise more than one Prime).
  • The two points sacrificed must come from the same Ability Score. You can’t split the cost between two different scores.
  • No score can be lowered below 9. If it is already 9 or less, it cannot be lowered.
  • No score can be raised over 18. If it is already 18 or higher, it cannot be raised.

If you want to exchange any Ability scores, you must do so now. No changes can be made once you start using the character in play.

Starting Languages

All characters are fluent in Unislang, the common language of the Affiliation and surrounding lands. It is a degraded form of the Ancient tongue, and uses a similar (but not identical) alphabet.

Several other languages are also widespread. Raiders and ruin-dwellers favour a corrupt language known as Gutterspeak; while primitive communities speak various Tribal dialects (which vary by region). Unlike Unislang, Gutterspeak and Tribal dialects are not commonly written (and use the Unislang alphabet if they are).

Somewhat less common is the High Tongue, which is used by the Necromancer Kings of the Ochre Empire (former rulers of the Affiliation lands). Characters may also speak the languages of their non-human neighbours, such as Morlock, Sylvan, or Beastman.

Knowledge of the Ancient tongue is rare. You must have an INT score of 17+ and find a willing teacher to learn Ancient.

Literacy is based on a character’s Intelligence. PCs with an INT score of 9+ are considered literate.


In Mutants & Magic, all Player Characters adhere to one of three philosophies or spheres of behaviour. These philosophies are Law, Neutrality, and Chaos. A player must choose one of these paths when his character is created:

Law: Lawful characters believe in truth and justice. To this end, they will follow laws and believe all things must adhere to order. Lawful beings also believe in sacrifice to a greater good, and will choose the good of a larger group over the good of an individual.

Neutrality: Neutral characters are more self centered. They believe in a balance between the ideas of law and chaos, and in their actions they tend to do what will serve themselves. They might commit good or evil acts in order to further their own ends, and generally will not put others’ needs ahead of their own.

Chaos: Chaotic characters are in direct opposition to law. These beings should seldom be trusted, for they will tend to act in ‘evil’ ways and will be much more selfish than a neutral being. Chaotic characters believe in chance and that there should be no innate order to life.

Note: A character’s alignment will not be listed online. You may keep your allegiance secret from others, or share your beliefs openly during play as you choose.

Select Equipment

The Affiliation mints its own coins of various denominations and each PC receives the BFRPG standard of 3d6 × 10 gp starting gear with which to purchase equipment.

Refer to the BFRPG rules (p. 10), Mutant Future (p. 16), or an equivalent ‘classic’ D&D equipment list. In addition, see the Weapons, Armour, and New Equipment pages on this site.

Add It Up!

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to figure out your hit points, XP bonus, attack and damage, armour class, and other stats. Then double-check the math.

Some comments on hit points and XP:

Hit Points: Player Characters begin with the base hit points common to most normal (0-lvl) humanoids in addition to those gained from class levels. Fighters and hunters automatically receive 6 hp, clerics and thieves receive 5 hp, while magic-users and psionicists receive 4 hp, plus hit points from their class level(s). (CON modifiers do not apply to these bonus hit points, only to HD from class levels.) This “hit point kicker” may be modified by character race or mutations.

XP Bonus: Characters get +5% XP bonus if their WIS is 13 or higher, +5% XP if their CHA is 13 or higher, and +5% XP if their Prime Requisite is 15 or higher. Multi-classed characters require scores of 15+ in both Prime Requisites to qualify for the XP bonus. Also, single-classed Pure-Strains get +10% to XP.