Local villagers whisper of a mysterious place deep in the Dolmenwood – a place shrouded in mist and dotted with barrow mounds, ruined columns, and standing stones. The tomb-robbers who explore beneath the mounds – or rather the few who return – tell tales of labyrinthine passages, magnificent grave goods, and terrifying creatures waiting in the dark. Are you brave (or foolish) enough to enter the Barrowmaze?

My last campaign, called DolmenBarrow, was a mashup of Barrowmaze (by Greg Gillespie) set in Dolmenwood (as presented in the Wormskin zine from Necrotic Gnome Productions). Dolmenwood was an enchanted forest campaign setting — creepy, whimsical, and psychedelic in equal measure. I also slipped in some Hill Cantons, Dwimmermount, and Operation Unfathomable.

To learn more about the campaign, click on the following links:

You can also download Welcome to Dolmenwood and the Dolmenwood Map for free.



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  1. K-Slacker says:

    The Barrowmaze is located in Hex 1205 on the Dolmenwood campaign map. I’m renaming Harrowmoor to Barrowmoor in my game, and moving the Gorthstone (described in Wormskin №.6) somewhere else.

    The nearest settlement is Prigwort (Hex 1106, described in Wormskin №.7), one hex from the Barrowmaze. Use the Hex Crawl Procedure from (from Wormskin №.5) to venture between the village and the dungeon.

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