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Mothership – Android House Rules

(I’ve recently got hooked on the Mothership RPG from Tuesday Night Games. For ease of reference, I’m posting my Android House Rules.) In my game, androids are pseudo-flesh products of “synthetic biology” as opposed to robots. Androids still need to … Continue reading

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Atomic ACKS – Pure-Strain Custom Classes

You know how sometimes you get an idea and can’t focus on anything else until you get it out of your system? I should be finishing up the new characters for my Black City campaign, but for some reason am … Continue reading

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XP House Rules

Here’s a collection of XP-related house rules. I’ve actually been using these for most of my ACKS campaigns; it’s time I post them…

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The Life-Cycle of a Wizard

(Here’s an explanation about how Wizards work in my Age of Autarchs campaign. I’ve had this saved as a textfile in my folder of campaign notes and figured folks might be interested in it from a worldbuilding perspective.) (Note that … Continue reading

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Simplified Ceremonies

(One of the henchmen in our campaign is an Ecclesiastic – a ceremonial caster devoted to the Light of Truth. So far I’ve been handwaving his ceremonial casting, but in the background I’ve been thinking on how to treat ceremonial … Continue reading

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