Character Creation

We start here, because characters are the driving force behind the game.

Character creation involves the following steps:

  1. Generate your ability scores. Roll 4d6 and drop the lowest die, assigning in order to STR, INT, WIS, DEX, CON, and CHA. You may then swap any two (if desired).
  2. Choose your character’s character race. For now, I’m restricting the selection to pure-strains, near-humans, and mutants.
  3. Near-humans and mutants will now determine mutations. This is a fun step, where you find out your character’s mutant perks and flaws.
  4. Next you will select your character class. You can play a fighter, magic-user, cleric, thief, hunter, or psionicist.
  5. Make any finishing touches. You can adjust ability scores, select languages, buy equipment, and perform other final adjustments. Give your character a name, maybe write up a short description, and you’re done!

Click on the the steps above, or follow the links on the sidebar, to create your PC.

Creating PCs Online

Due to the dice rolls required during character creation, it’s a bit tricky making PCs over the web. I want to make sure all rolls are done fairly, and I figure the easiest way to do this online is to use the RPG Library Dice Server to roll for your Attributes and Mutations. Be sure to send the results to yourself and me (

You will need to make the following rolls:

Ability Scores: First you’ll need to determine your ability scores. Roll 4d6 six times, dropping the lowest die, and assign the scores in order (STR, INT, WIS, DEX, CON, CHA).

You can swap any two of your scores, if you wish. Prime requisites may be raised as described on a 2-for-1 basis (no score can be raised above 18 or lowered below 9.)

Mutations: If you’re playing a near-human or mutant, you’ll need to roll up your mutations. You get to pick half of your mutations, while the other half are randomly determined. For each mutation you select, you must roll a perk or flaw of the corresponding grade.

  • For each mutant perk or flaw you select, roll 1d100 to generate the corresponding random mutation. Be sure to include the grade of mutation (minor, medium, or major) and type (perk or flaw) that you are rolling for in the subject line!
  • Refer to the appropriate tables to see what mutations you’ve got. Generate as many mutations you want, up to the maximum specified by your race.

Hit Points: Roll your assigned hit die (1d4 for magic-users and thieves, 1d6 for clerics and psionicists, and 1d8 for fighters and hunters). Add this value to your base hit points, plus CON modifiers (if any).

Starting Money: Roll 3d6 x 10 gp, as in the standard BFRPG rules.

Everything else you can decide for yourself and let me know your choices.

Remember: Make sure to specify the subject and include yourself and me ( in the e-mail instructions!