Mutation Descriptions

Mutations are listed in alphabetical order. The exact details of each mutation (appearance, origins, etc.) are up to you to decide.

Note that mutant perks denoted with an asterisk (*) are psionic powers. Each power is usable 1/day +1 at 5th/9th/13th/17th and may be added to a psionicist’s ‘powers known’ list at the appropriate level.

This page is very long; you’ll probably want to use the links from the Mutant Perks and Mutant Flaws tables to find a specific description.


Aberrant Deformity: Cannot use normal armour (×2 cost for custom). Visibly mutated.

Accumulated Resistance: +2 on Saving Throws vs. disease, poison, and radiation.

Acidic Mist: 10-foot cloud of mist inflicts 2d6 acid damage (save for half), 3/day.

Additional Arm: Can wield another weapon or use a two-handed weapon plus a shield. Visibly mutated.

Additional Eyes: Reduced surprise chance (only 1 in 6), cannot be flanked. Visibly mutated.

Adrenaline Burst: Haste self (as spell), 1/day.

Adrenaline Deficiency: -2 to personal Initiative.

Albinism: Exposure to daylight causes 1 point CON damage per hour. Visibly mutated.

Anaphylaxis: Poisoned (1d6 CON damage) by contact with offending material.

Arachnofiber Production: Spin spider silk (as Web 1/day, but takes full turn to apply).

Berzerker: Can make 2 melee attacks/round; but suffers -2 to AC. Lasts 1 turn, usable 3/day.

Bicephalous: Gain Additional Eyes and Dual Brain perks; can wield two weapons more easily. Visibly mutated.

Biofeedback *: You heal 2d6 hit points damage, or 1d4 ability points.

Bite Attack: Bite attack for 1d6 damage.

Bizarre Appearance: -2 on most reaction rolls. Visibly mutated.

Bleeder: Wounds bleed until attended to (1 hp/round).

Blindness: Character is blind.

Blindsight: Blindsight, 10′ range.

Brain Lock *: Subject cannot move (but can still take mental-only actions).

Chameleon Epidermis: Sneak as a thief (4 in 6 chance, or +3 if thief) when immobile and wearing little clothing.

Clairvoyant Sense *: Clairvoyance (as spell).

Claws: Claw attacks for 1d6 damage.

Crude Hands: -4 with all hand-held items (weapons, etc.), cannot perform skills requiring fine manipulation.

Danger Sense *: Ignore surprise.

Darkvision: Darkvision, 60′ range.

Daze *: Humanoid or mutant humanoid with 4 HD or less loses next action.

Dermal Neurotoxin: Touch attack delivers poison (save vs. paralysis).

Detect Psionics *: As Detect Magic, but detects psionics.

Distinctive Odour: Smells horrible, -3 on most reaction rolls. Can be tracked by scent.

Dual Brain: Character rolls two saves against mind-influencing effects and takes best result.

Dwarfism: Character is small-sized. -1 STR, +1 DEX, -1 hp, gains Aberrant Deformity flaw. Visibly mutated.

Empathic Transfer *: Transfer another’s wounds to yourself (up to 2d6 hp, manifester suffers half damage).

Empathy *: You know the subject’s surface emotions.

Energy Resistance: Resist Cold and Resist Fire (innate, as spells).

Environmental Sensitivity: -4 on Saving Throws vs. disease, poison, and radiation.

Faceshift: Alter Self (as spell, but does not affect size or posessions), up to 3 turns/day.

False Sensory Input *: Subject sees what isn’t there.

Far Hand *: Move small objects at a limited distance.

Fast Healing: Natural healing rate is doubled.

Fate Link *: You link the fates of two targets (split all damage equally).

Fear Response: Shaken in combat (-2 penalty on attacks, saves, and other checks). Must roll morale as NPC.

Festering Sores: Decrease AC bonus of armour by 1, -1 on most reaction rolls.

Fleet Feet: Movement rate increased by 50%.

Fragile: Automatically fails Saving Throws vs. death.

Gigantism: Character is Large-sized. +1 STR, -1 DEX, +2 hp, gains Aberrant Deformity flaw. Visibly mutated.

Gills: Breathe underwater.

Glowing: Illumination to 5′ (but visible from afar in darkness). Visibly mutated.

Heightened [ABILITY]: You gain the indicated bonus to a particular ability score.

Immunodeficient: Automatically fails Saving Throws vs. disease.

Incompatible Biology: Poisoned (1d6 CON damage) by treatments requiring a Medical Compatibility check.

Inflict Pain *: Telepathic stab gives your foe -4 on d20 rolls, or -2 if he makes the save.

Infravision: See infrared/thermal signatures, 60′ range.

Interior Reservoir: Survive week without food or water.

Keen Ears: Increased chance to Listen (base 3 in 6, or +1 if thief).

Keen Scent: Detect opponents by sense of smell, generally within 30 feet.

Kinetic Blast *: Deal 2d6 force damage to target on successful ranged attack.

Kinetic Shield *: Psychokinetic shield grants +4 AC (against physical attacks only).

Lightning Touch: Touch attack inflicts 2d6 electrical damage (save for half), 3/day.

Light Sensitivity: -1 penalty on attacks in bright light.

Malformed Mouth: 20% spell failure, -1 on most reaction rolls.

Taint Detector: Can use Spot/Listen to detect taint (as a hunter, but at +2).

Mind Block: Automatically saves against mind-influencing effects.

Missing Arm: Cannot wield two-handed weapons or weapon and shield. Some skill penalties.

Mobility-Impaired: Movement rate reduced by 50%.

Negate Psionics *: Cancels psionic powers and effects.

Nervous Spasms: -2 to ranged attacks, -1 in 6 on skills requiring fine manipulation (Disable Device, Sleight of Hand).

Night Blindness: Blindness in any poorly-lit environment.

Nightvision: Low-light vision; see twice as far as normal human in conditions of poor illumination.

Object Reading *: Learn details about an object’s previous owner.

Open-Minded: Automatically fails Saving Throws vs. mind-influencing effects.

Optic Emissions: Shoot beams of energy from eyes up to 60′ for 3d6 damage, 3/day.

Overpowering Stench: Living foes suffer -2 to attacks, AC (10′ range).

Pack Mentality: Finds it difficult to ignore orders from others (save vs. compulsion).

Pain Insensitivity: Does not feel pain when injured; hit points tracked by referee.

Pheremone Control: Hypnotize living creatures (as spell), 3/day.

Phobia: Must succeed morale check or flee from source of fear.

Poison Susceptibility: Automatically fails Saving Throws vs. poison.

Poor Hearing: Always fails Listen checks, -1 to personal Initiative.

Poor Respiratory System: Must rest after 5 combat rounds, 5 exploration turns or make Saving Throw vs. unconsciousness.

Poor Vision: -4 to hit in ranged combat, increased chance of being surprised.

Precognition *: Gain +2 bonus to one attack or Saving Throw (decided after roll).

Prehensile Limb: Tail, tendril, or tentacle acts as crude hand (as mutant flaw of same name). Visibly mutated.

Psi-Charm *: Charm Person (as spell).

Psionic Blast *: Targets within 30′ cone are knocked unconscious, or stunned on save.

Quick Response: +2 to personal Initiative.

Rad-Adapted: Automatically succeeds on saves vs. radiation.

Read Thoughts *: ESP (as spell).

Reduced [ABILITY]: You receive the indicated penalty to a particular ability score.

Redundant Vital Organs: Automatically succeeds on saves vs. death.

Regeneration: Automatically heal 1 hit point per turn.

Resistant to Disease: +4 on Saving Throws vs. disease.

Resistant to Poison: +4 on Saving Throws vs. poison.

Resistant to Radiation: +4 on Saving Throws vs. radiation.

Robust: +10 hit points.

Scaly Armour: +4 natural armour. Visibly mutated.

Shriek: Creatures within 10′ take 2d6 damage (save for half).

Size Alteration: Can alter size for up to 3 turns/day, ranging from small to Large. Does not affect possessions.

Slow Mutant: Gain Stiff Motion flaw and Mobility-Impaired flaws. Always acts last in round.

Sonic Blast: Targets within 30′ cone suffer 3d6 sonic damage (save for half), 3/day.

Steelskin: +6 natural armour. Visibly mutated.

Stiff Motion: Cannot attack and move in same round.

Syncope: May become paralyzed when surprised (1d4 rounds; stunned on successful Saving Throw).

Telekinesis *: Telekinesis (as spell).

Telempathic Projection *: Alter the subject’s mood; shift one category more favourable. Not usable in combat.

Telepathy *: Two-way communication with intelligent creatures.

Thermal Sensitivity: Automatically fails Saving Throws vs. cold or fire; suffers +1 damage per die.

Thick Hide: +2 natural armour.

Thin-Skinned: Suffers +1 damage per die from physical attacks.

Tumourization: Gain Aberrant Deformity, Bizarre Appearance, Festering Sores, and Mobility-Impaired flaws.

Ultravision: See ultraviolet/radioactive signatures (including radiation), 120′ range.

Vigour *: Gain 5 temporary hit points (disappear after 1 turn).

Wall Climber: Increased chance to Climb Walls (base 5 in 6, or +1 if thief); can move along ceilings.

Wings: Can fly short distances (up to 1 turn/day). Visibly mutated.