New Equipment

In addition to new weapons and armour, the following equipment can be selected:

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Mastercraft Items

A mastercraft item is a finely crafted version of a normal piece of equipment. The exceptional quality of these objects provides the user a bonus to hit, Ability checks, or some other characteristic that improves when the object is used.

Mastercraft Armour: These well-made armour suits function like the normal versions except that they improve the armour’s maximum DEX bonus to AC by 1. Cost: Double normal cost, +100 gp

Mastercraft Arrow, Quarrel, Bullet, or Stone: A mastercraft projectile functions like a normal projectile of the same type except that it is so aerodynamically sound that a +1 bonus on damage rolls is added when using it. The projectile is damaged (effectively becoming a normal projectile) when it is used. Cost: Double normal cost, +5 gp per projectile.

Mastercraft Tools: These well-made items are the perfect tools for the job, so the character gets a +2 circumstance bonus on checks. Bonuses provided by multiple mastercraft items used toward the same skill check do not stack. Cost: Double normal cost, +50 gp.

Mastercraft Weapon: These well-made weapons add a +1 bonus to hit. Cost: Double normal cost, +250 gp.

Juju Potions

Juju potions are simple medicinal concoctions and brews whipped up by tribal witch doctors and medicine men throughout the wastes. As the advanced techniques and chemical recipes of the Ancients are, by and large, lost to mutantkind in this twilight of the Fall, simpler – but certainly effective – solutions must be made.

Potions work exactly as described described below. Juju medicines have the remarkable quality of working perfectly for all races, whether Pure-Strain or Mutant; medical incompatibility is not a factor.

Drink Of Fools: This legendary ‘poison’, when drunk, causes the drinker to break out in violent hiccups. A saving throw vs. poison is allowed. While affected, the drinker suffers -2 penalty to all attacks and AC for an entire hour before wearing off. Typically this drug is administered secretly. Cost: 25 gp.

Infusion Of Valor: This potion effectively intoxicates the drinker, granting a +1 bonus to melee attacks, saving throws, and ability checks for 1 hour. Thereafter, however, the character suffers the double the opposite effect (-2 to the stated fields) for twice that duration. Cost: 100 gp.

Juju Salve: Juju salve is used to remedy wounds. An application of the salve will heal the beneficiary of 1d4 hit points damage. Cost: 50 gp.

Oil Of Remedy: This is a medicinal salve rubbed into an area of injected venom or toxin. When applied within one turn, the oil allows for a second saving throw vs. poison. Cost: 100 gp.

Purgative: This grotesque mixture of ingredients is used to cleanse the system of a patient. When drunk, the drinker suffers 2d6 points of damage but the potion automatically purges any ingested poisons in the his system. Cost: 125 gp.

Sleeping Potion: A sleeping potion is generally slipped into the drinks of the unwary. When imbibed, the drinker must make a saving throw vs. Poison or drift off into a deep sleep for 1d4 hours. The drinker cannot be wakened short of violent means while the potion is in effect. Cost: 100 gp.