Psionic Powers

Instead of ‘spell levels’, psionic powers are ranked by ‘grade’ – from minor to medium to major.

Minor Psi-Powers (1 ISP)

1. Danger Sense Ignore surprise.
2. Daze Humanoid with 4 HD or less loses next action.
3. Detect Psionics As Detect Magic, but detects psionics.
4. Empathy You know the subject’s surface emotions.
5. Far Hand Move small objects at a limited distance.
6. Precognition Gain +2 bonus to one attack or saving throw (decided after roll).
7. Telempathic Projection Alter the subject’s mood; shift one category. Not usable in combat.
8. Vigour Gain 5 temporary hit points (disappear after 1 turn).

Medium Psi-Powers (3 ISP)

1. Clairvoyant Sense Clairvoyance (as spell).
2. Empathic Transfer Transfer another’s wounds to yourself (up to 2d6 hp, manifester suffers half damage).
3. Inflict Pain Telepathic stab gives your foe -4 on d20 rolls, or -2 if he makes the save.
4. Kinetic Blast Deal 2d6 force damage to target on successful ranged attack.
5. Object Reading Learn details about an object’s previous owner.
6. Psi-Charm Charm Person (as spell).
7. Read Thoughts ESP (as spell).
8. Telepathy Two-way communication with intelligent creatures.

Major Psi-Powers (5 ISP)

1. Biofeedback You heal 2d6 hit points damage, or 1d4 ability points.
2. Brain Lock Hold Person (as spell). Note that subject(s) can still take mental-only actions.
3. False Sensory Input Subject sees what isn’t there.
4. Fate Link You link the fates of two targets (split all damage equally).
5. Kinetic Shield Psychokinetic shield grants +4 AC (against physical attacks only).
6. Negate Psionics Dispel Magic (as spell), but cancels psionic powers and effects.
7. Psionic Blast Targets within 30-ft. cone are knocked unconscious, or stunned on save.
8. Telekinesis Telekinesis (as spell).