New Genotypes & Backgrounds

My blog was mentioned in Issue #11 of The Glatisant, and I’m suddenly seeing more traffic. Here’s some additional material for Knaves of Qud.

As the Knaves of Qud campaign progressed, I added additional options and game material. Here is the Google Doc featuring this “unlocked” game content:

Early in the campaign, the players water-bonded with Elder Irudad and earned favour with the village of Joppa. They started hiring locals as porters, so I statted them up. In my game, the typical inhabitant of Joppa is a green-skinned mutant watervine farmer with the amphibious mutant perk and thirsty mutant flaw, and I made a Joppa Watervine Farmer starting template to reflect this.

The PCs also rescued a group of Snapjaws who had become unwilling plant-symbionts. In return, the Snapjaw Blademistress Ohouluofo joined the group as a hench. I created a Newbeast genotype and a Snapjaw Alpha template. And once the group made contact with the Barathrumites of Grit Gate, I also made a Urshiib Barathrumite template.

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2 Responses to New Genotypes & Backgrounds

  1. Jacob Marks says:

    This is awesome. How is this project progressing? I’d love to see more of it! Any chance you could share a higher res version of that hexmap too?

    I had just started working on a GLOG hack for a Caves of Qud campaign, but I think I might use this instead!

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