Character Creation

Character creation in Dolmenwood/Barrowmaze follows the guidelines from Labyrinth Lord with the following modifications:

  • Ability scores are 3d6 in order. Roll five characters and pick two to play.
  • Demihumans can use race-as-class options (as per LL Core Rules) or – with referee permission – select their class(es) as per AEC.
  • Clerics (& subclasses) are very human-centric and serve the One True God.
  • “Unlimited” demihuman level limits are replaced with “12th” (not that it will matter much in this campaign).
  • All characters have maximum hit points at 1st lvl. Reroll all HD each level, with a minimum increase of +1 hp/lvl.
  • Mortals generally ignore alignment (still applies to supernatural effects & Clerics), and there are no alignment languages.
  • Don’t bother with buying gear; I’ve posted Equipment Quick-Start rules.
  • In addition to experience for treasure & monsters defeated, participation XP will be awarded. Experience is retained by the player; in the event of character death, the new PC will get previously-earned XP.

I’d prefer if players start the campaign with relatively “normal” PCs and focus more on campaign fluff as opposed to rules crunch. Warn me in advance if you’re planning on a “weird” race and/or class.

Permitted Classes:

  • Cleric (LL Core)
      – Druid (LL AEC) – Old Faith “pagans”
      – Friar (FH&W) – see blog post
  • Fighter (LL Core)
      – Hunter (NG Blog) – Dolmenwood Ranger variant
      – Weird-Ass Black Pudding Fighter Subclass (Maximum 1 per party)
  • Magic-User (LL Core)
      – Illusionist (LL AEC) – require Int 15+ & Dex 13+
      – Elementalist (T&T) – use Illusionist XP and spell progression tables
  • Thief (LL Core)
      – Bard (DD) – reduced XP cost; add spells
      – Mountebank (FDM)

Demihumans Generally Permitted:

  • Gnome (AEC; plus Rock, Forest, and Tinker Gnomes from CX1)
  • Elf (Core & AEC) – Eld-flavoured, see House Rules
  • Half-Goat (see blog post)
  • Moss Dwarf (from Wormskin №.1 and Demihumans of Dolmenwood)

(Note that there are no ‘regular’ dwarves or halflings in this campaign.)

Permitted With Restrictions:

  • Lumpen-Ones (“compensation class”; see blog post)
  • Grimalkin (from Wormskin №.1 and Demihumans of Dolmenwood)
  • Woodgrue (from Demihumans of Dolmenwood)
  • Feral Dwarf (SUD) or Robo-Dwarf (FDM)
  • Assassin (AEC) or Cultist/Anti-Cleric – if PCs are “evil”
  • Necromancer (T&T) – if PCs are “evil”; use Illusionist XP and spell progression tables
  • Vivimancer (T&T) – must be ‘unlocked’ in play; use Illusionist XP and spell progression tables
  • Paladin (AEC) – must start as Cha 13+ fighter then take vows of a paladin
  • The Extras (Joseph Manola) – must be ‘unlocked’ in play
  • B/X Warrior or B/X Rogue (Necrotic Gnome) – with referee consent


1 Response to Character Creation

  1. K-Slacker says:

    In an attempt to encourage more “vanilla” human characters, I think I’ll add another house rule:

    • Single-classed Human characters of one of the four core classes (Fighter, Magic-User, Cleric, Thief) may swap any one pair of ability scores, if desired.

    (This would allow you, for example, to get rid of that pesky CON penalty on an otherwise good set of stats.)

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