Character Creation

Character creation in Dolmenwood/Barrowmaze follows the guidelines from Labyrinth Lord with the following modifications:

  • Ability scores are 3d6 in order. Roll five characters and pick two to play.
  • Demihumans can use race-as-class option (Core Rules) or select their class (AEC).
  • Clerics (& subclasses) are very human-centric and serve the One True God. (Half-breeds have limited advancement.)
  • “Unlimited” demihuman level limits are replaced with “12th” (not that it will matter much in this campaign).
  • All characters have maximum hit points at 1st lvl. Reroll all HD each level, with a minimum increase of +1 hp/lvl.
  • Mortals generally ignore alignment (still applies supernatural effects & Clerics).
  • Don’t bother with buying gear. We’ll use the starting equipment packages.
  • In addition to experience for treasure, “story” XP will be awarded. Experience is generally retained by the player and can be distributed as desired between characters.

I’d prefer if players start the campaign with relatively “normal” PCs and focus more on campaign fluff as opposed to rules crunch. One of your two starting PCs must be a human with a “normal” class.

Permitted Classes:

  • Cleric (LL Core, plus tweaks)
      – Druid (LL AEC) – Old Faith “pagans”
      – Friar (FH&W) – see blog post
  • Fighter (LL Core)
      – Barbarian (“Sinewy Barbarian” from Black Pudding)
      – Ranger (LL AEC) – 1st-lvl Rangers start with 10 hp
  • Magic-User (LL Core)
      – Illusionist (LL AEC)
  • Thief (LL Core)
      – Bard (DD) – reduced XP cost; add spells
      – Mountebank (FDM)

Demihumans Generally Permitted:

  • Moss Dwarf (Wormskin #1)
  • Elf (Core & AEC) – Eld-flavoured
  • Gnome (AEC, plus CX1 race-as-class)
  • Half-Goat (see blog post)

Permitted With Restrictions:

  • Lumpen-Ones (see blog post)
  • Grimalkin (Wormskin #1 plus revisions)
  • Feral Dwarf (SUD) or Robo-Dwarf (FDM)
  • Assassin (AEC) or Cultist/Anti-Cleric – if PCs are “evil”
  • Elementalist or Vivimancer (T&T) – must be ‘unlocked’ in play
  • Paladins (AEC) – must start as fighter then take vows of a paladin
  • Witch (ADD) – Darker Paths Witch