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Black City – Shamanic Tradition

In an earlier post, I said that although I really like the one integrated Eldritch spell list in the ACKS Heroic Fantasy Handbook, in practice I prefer limiting selection to characters based on their magical tradition. I provided lists of … Continue reading

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Black City – Runic Tradition

There are a surprising number of magic-users in my Black City campaign, given that I was expecting a boatload of Viking reavers. In the ACKS Heroic Fantasy Handbook, ceremonialists practice their art within a set of traditions, each representing a … Continue reading

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Astonishing ACKS – Skandik Deities

(This post has been brewing for a while – since the PCs were in Brigand’s Bay, in fact. I tend to view the Skandiks of Vikland as “asshole Vikings”, typifying the worst stereotypes from Old Earth history. The reason, I … Continue reading

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Shaman Spells

Shamans have access to different divine spells than clerics of Law, as described in the following tables. Instead of a holy symbol, a shaman must have a specially-prepared fetish to cast spells.

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Spirit Guides

As noted in the shaman class description, a starting character begins play with one minor spirit ally or guide of his choice. It’s assumed that he has already performed the rites to summon this first guide. As he rises in … Continue reading

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The shaman is a variant of the cleric class, a tribal priest of Neutral alignment. Shamans do not serve a deity or pantheon of gods. Instead, they act as a bridge between his people and the unseen spirit world. To … Continue reading

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