Renata’s Robbers


Last session the PCs came across a band of brigands in the Barrowmaze. It turns out that they were the remnants of Renata’s Robbers. The group had heard rumours about them earlier – that they were camped in the woods near the barrow mounds and were charging a “toll” for adventuring groups returning to Prigwort.

However, they have fallen on hard times since the Acolytes of Orcus consolidated their control over the Barrowmaze. Late one night – after some particularly drunken revelry – their camp was suddenly attacked by Orcus-worshipping Goatmen mounted on Night Goats. During the assault, Renata (their leader) and Violet (daughter of Lady Harrowmoor) were dragged screaming by the Goatmen into a barrow mound.

The surviving Robbers ventured into the dungeon in an attempt to rescue Renata and Violet. However, without leadership they have been struggling…

…At least until the PCs arrived. Parley ensued and the two groups decided to combine forces. Now the Robbers have regained their focus and are determined to rescue Renata.

The Robbers are represented by The Extras B/X class, created by Joseph Manola. I’m introducing one house rule – most of the Extras are assumed to have average stats. Only “named” characters get to roll for ability scores.

(The following stat block represents the Robbers when they allied with the PCs; for their final status, refer to the DolmenBarrow PCs page.)

Renata’s Robbers (Nick’s PC)

Race & Class: The Extras, 3rd level.
Experience: 7,555 XP (8,125 req’d for 4th.)

Named Characters:

  1) Murdoch: A corrupt former guardsman who took up grave-robbing.
  2) Arndt: A young knave cursed with unnatural age in the Barrowmaze.
  3) Zippy: Claims to be heir to the St. Vartony Earldom of House Braxton.

Typical Combat Stats: 3d12 HD (21 hp), AC 6, MV 120′ (40′), Short Sword (Melee Atk +0, 1d6) or Short Bow (Ranged Atk +0, 1d6) or Dagger (Melee Atk +0, 1d4 or Ranged Atk +0, 1d4).
Average Saving Throws: Breath Attack 15; Poison or Death 12; Petrify or Paralyze 14; Wands 13; Spells or Spell-Like Devices 16.
Special Abilities: Safety in Numbers; Inverse Ninja Rule; Many Hands Make Light Work; Share the Pain; Arm the Troops; Magic for the Masses; Named Characters (3); Die All, Die Merrily.
Common Languages: Woldish (Common); some are Literate.

Common Possessions: Studded Leather, short sword, short bow (20 arrows), dagger, backpack (tinderbox, torches, iron rations, wineskin).



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