Mongrel (Sample PC)

(I’m a player in a Wilderlands campaign; for yucks I decided to stat up my PC for Astonishing ACKS. This Hyperborean incarnation is an Ixian ex-slave who was sold as a meatshield to an adventuring party. Over time he has risen in rank to become a free mercenary.)


Captured as a youth by slavers, the man now known as “Mongrel” served as eunuch bodyguard to an Ixian mage. He was eventually sold to cover the wizard’s gambling debts in Khromarium. Mongrel has cheated death on numerous occasions (including suffering level drain), and the injuries have left his face disfigured. He wears greathelm or mask to conceal his wounds, but is still shunned by polite company and small children.

Character: Mongrel, 3rd-lvl Common/Mixed Fighter [Mercenary Ex-Slave]
Stats: STR:16 (+2), INT:9 (+0), WIS:10 (+0), DEX:11 (+0), CON:16 (+2), CHR:8 (-1)
Saves: Petrification/Paralysis:14, Poison/Death:13, Blast/Breath:15, Staffs/Wands:15, Spells:16
Combat: AC:5 (6 with shield), HD:3d8+6 (21hp), Init:+1, Base Atk 9+, MV:60′ (20′)
Attacks: Sword (6+,1d6+5); Sword (2H) (6+,1d8+5); Crossbow (9+,1d6+2); Dagger (7+,1d4+4); Dagger (thrown) (9+,1d4+4)
Class Features: Damage Bonus (+2), Cleave (3/round)
Proficiencies: Combat Reflexes, Endurance, Labour
Equipment: Crimson long sword +1 (Chaotic sentient, INT:7, EGO:3, Will:11, detect undead), crossbow (20 bolts), dagger, banded mail armour, hellhound great helm (2d6 fire 1/day, save for ½; -1 Surprise, -4 Hear Noise, +2 vs. Mortal Wounds), sturdy steel shield, leather mask, wool tunic and pants, leather belt, low boots, backpack (carved jade bowl [500gp], garnet stone [250gp], flask of strong ale, 1 week’s iron rations), belt pouch (32gp)
Encumbrance: 9 stones; MV 60′ (20′) [encumbrance thresholds 6/8/11/22]
Wounds: Gruesome scarring (cannot impersonate, +2 intimidate, -2 rx’n), castrated (-3 to Seduction)
Actions: Open Doors (10+), Detect Secret Doors (18+), Hear Noise (22+), Find Traps (18+), -3 to Rx’n Checks (-6 to Seduction)
Languages: Common, Thracian (Semi-Literate)
Experience: 4,700 XP (+10% bonus)
Next level: 8,000 XP req’d for 4th

Hyperborea HR


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One Response to Mongrel (Sample PC)

  1. K-Slacker says:

    Mongrel is totally named after the Gorgonaut video.

    In the Wilderlands campaign he has a “dragon helm”, but since there are no dragons in Hyperborea I reskinned it as a “hellhound helm” here. He understands Thracian from his time as an Ixian slave; I wish his Wilderlands incarnation possessed this ability.

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