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The Purple Planet as Underborea

Peril on the Purple Planet is an excellent mini-campaign from Goodman Games. I got the boxed set as part of the Kickstarter, plus all the add-on modules (either in print or pdf). I could run it pretty much as-is, as … Continue reading

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Vhuurmi Revealed

I’m a supporter for Autarch’s Axioms updates on Patreon and have been thinking today about how I’d use the recent Beastmen articles in my Astonishing ACKS campaign. There’s not too many humanoid races in Hyperborea and I’ve already done a … Continue reading

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Hyperborean Languages

I’ve started organizing information from my Astonishing ACKS campaign into actual pages on this gameblog. I’m posting this fragment today so I don’t misplace it… All PCs are assumed speak Common and their cultural dialect. Degree of literacy depends on … Continue reading

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Bakshi Vhuurmis

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted here – all the action is over at the Astonishing ACKS Google+ community right now. I figured it’s time for more Bakshi art. This time it’s an alternate take on the Vhuurmis. … Continue reading

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Vhuurmi in Astonishing ACKS

I posted a while back on the Hyperborea Boards about Vhuurmis and Ape-Men. As presented in AS&H, I didn’t see much difference between the two species, and I asked whether Ape-Men and Vhuurmis were redundant. There were several good responses, … Continue reading

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