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Further Thoughts on ACKS Thieves

Thieves suck, as I noted in earlier post on Thievery in ACKS. I mitigated this by tweaking the odds on Thievery skills (and other, similar proficiences) – particularly at lower levels. I’m gearing up for a new ACKS campaign, which … Continue reading

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Rel – God of Thieves

(Another Hyperborean deity today, and an update to a custom class. I’m starting a new adventure soon, and one of the PCs is a Purloiner of Rel.) This demigod is associated with thievery, banditry, swindling, gambling, deception, backstabbing, ale, beer, … Continue reading

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ACKS House Rule – Thieves Suck

I’ve been playing some tabletop ACKS sessions with my kids, and since I’m also on a house-ruling kick lately, there’s one issue with ACKS that I want to deal with.

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Astonishing ACKS – Spellfilch Redux

UPDATE (08-Jul-16): A Spellfilch Class Summary is now available. I did a version of the Spellfilch (aka Legerdmainist) earlier, but have now come up with a better one based on the Wandering Gamist’s excellent Nightblade Redux. While not true spellcasters, … Continue reading

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Astonishing ACKS – Thievery House Rules

Update (07-Jun-16): After some more playtesting, these house rules have been replaced with revised Thievery progressions. I’ve posted a few thief-type classes lately and have been thinking about Thievery Skills. There’s suggestions for house rules over at the Autarch forums. … Continue reading

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