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Ysabel of Jörmungandr

In my earlier Stone of Sakkara game, I threatened the PCs with rival adventuring parties; specifically, the “Five Delvers” and the “Seekers”. Whenever the PCs left booty behind, they would return to find it looted by these enterprising competitors. Now … Continue reading

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Serpent-Men Custom Classes

Long before humans struggled up from the lowly depths of apedom, the Ophidians – prehistoric snake-men of brilliant intellect – reigned during ancient epochs. In their declining æons, the Ophidians kept early human slaves as servants and feedstock. As they … Continue reading

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Valusia and the Serpent Isles

Æons ago, before Atlantis disappeared below the waves of Old Earth, the lost civilization of Valusia was itself subject to destruction and chaos. Volcanoes and earthquakes rent the land asunder, and great storms swept across the land creating impossible cyclones … Continue reading

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