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The Spire of Iron & Crystal

The characters in my Black City campaign recently took a break from unleashing cosmic evils to visit Iomnogoron, one of the last surviving Old Hyperboreans. The rumour is that he dwells in the Spire of Iron & Crystal, located north … Continue reading

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The Eternal Flame

An unexpected end to the Black City campaign tonight! The good news is that Earth was saved from the alien Khepri. The bad news… …the PCs activated an antimatter Doomsday device to do so. This was my first TPK / … Continue reading

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Hyperborean City Geomorphs

I wasn’t originally going to post this publicly, but several of you have expressed interest. A few years ago I swiped an excellent writeup by Rodger Burns on the Vaults of Pandius website (dedicated to the Mystaran gameworld). I was … Continue reading

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Further Inscriptions

Well I’ll be damned. A player figured out the Mysterious Inscriptions. Congratulations! That was unexpected. Here are some more, continuing from the first writings:

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Mysterious Inscriptions

The builders of the Black City engraved texts in an alien script. The meaning of their language has been lost and the writing has not been translated. There is one message that has been found repeated throughout the Black City. … Continue reading

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