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Session Report / Review – Thulian Echoes

I kicked off my Black City campaign with a “flashback” session, using the Thulian Echoes module by Zzarchov Kowolski for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. The premise of the adventure is that the PCs are in the possession of a … Continue reading

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Draining Characters of their Hard-Earned Gold

I’ve been running some low-level games for my kids lately. They’re really keen on knowing what they can buy with their ill-gotten loot. This came up as well in my previous Sakkara game, and I figured I should highlight “interesting things … Continue reading

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Ysabel of Jörmungandr

In my earlier Stone of Sakkara game, I threatened the PCs with rival adventuring parties; specifically, the “Five Delvers” and the “Seekers”. Whenever the PCs left booty behind, they would return to find it looted by these enterprising competitors. Now … Continue reading

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Hyperborean Laboratories

After escaping the Serpent Isles, the Murderhobos returned to Khromarium, where they lived large until running out of money. I had originally planned to run Charnel Crypt of the Sightless Serpent, but one of the players was familiar with the … Continue reading

Hyperborean Biotechnology

I’m still on an Alien/Prometheus kick and am really digging the Hyperboreans as Promethean Engineers thing. I’m thinking of playing up Hyperborean Biotechnology in my game. I’ve got a draft put together for an ACKS Vivimancer class, based on the … Continue reading

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