The Wolverines

The Wolverines were the victims Player Characters in my Black City game. They were Norsemen (plus a few Franks & Picts) exploring the Black City under the command of the Vengeful Lord Swayze.

The Vengeful Lord Swayze

The Wolverines were an unusual group of Vikings. Fierce adherents of the Old Faith, they resisted all attempts at Christianization and claimed to possess the wolverine’s great strength.

Needless to say, this strange group met with skepticism in Trade Town. Their friendships with the Tolberts of the Dark Spire did not improve their reputation, nor did the prevalence of magic-users among them.

Here is a link to their ACKS stat blocks (at the instant of their death):

The PCs were made using the new Heroic Fantasy Handbook, as well as my house rules.

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