Character Creation

PCs in the Black City campaign are all companions on the same Viking knarr which has arrived at the Thule Archipelago.

Note that in this campaign I’m using a lot of material from the draft ACKS Heroic Fantasy Handbook – in particular, the rules for Ceremonial Magic.

Characters are generated in the following manner:

Ability Scores

Ability scores are determined as per the “Generating Multiple Characters” optional rule (ACKS Core Rules, p.16). Roll five sets of characters, using 3d6 in order. Select one for your primary PC and one as a henchman.

Character Classes

I’m using a number of custom classes, so I put together a Character Class Summary Page. (Some of these require referee consent before play.)

Note that the Black City campaign is human-centric! There are no Elves, Dwarves, Thrassians, or whatever. Furthermore, the majority of characters are expected to be of Norse heritage – see “Culture & Languages”, below.

I’ll provide a list of appropriate templates to pick from for base proficiencies and starting equipment. Alternately, you can select proficiencies and gear on your own.

Character Builder

I have an Excel tool to create stat blocks for 2nd-level characters. (You’ll need a version of Excel that can handle slicers.)

Enter your particulars and pick a class and template. The front tab shows all the options currently available.

If you’re already familiar with ACKS you don’t need to pick one of the prepared templates; they’re just intended to speed things up – especially with equipment selection.

Advance Level

Players will carry over XP from the previous DolmenBarrow campaign. Your primary PC will start with two-thirds of this total, while your henchman will have one-third. This should place your main character around 4th level, while your henchman will probably be 3rd-level. You’ll need to pick any new proficiencies and ceremonies from levels gained.

I’ll also provide 1000gp for each primary PC (500gp per hench) to select Special Starting Gear. This can include high-quality arms & armour, potions & alchemical items, and magical trinkets (for ceremonialists). The rest of the party’s funds are assumed to have paid for the knarr, sailors & crew, and provisions for the expedition.

Culture & Languages

This campaign is Scandinavian-centric. However; as travellers, adventurers, and conquerors, the Vikings have come into contact with many other cultures. It is entirely appropriate to select a non-Norseman, particularly if your PC is from a region which has been conquered by Vikings.

Regardless of culture, all characters must speak Norse. (This may require you to spend a General Proficiency on Language.) Other languages encountered by Vikings include Gaelic (Ireland), Saxon (England), Frankish (France), Slavonic (Volga region), Latin (the Church), Arabic (Moors), and Greek (Byzantium). You will also encounter strange languages in the Black City, which are known to no living human.

Add to Google Sheets

I’m keeping track of PCs via a Google spreadsheet. When your PC is ready, I’ll add them to the sheet. You can see the current stat blocks here:

And there! You should be set.