Adventure Log

The Thule Archipelago, by John Arendt

The Black City campaign consists of tabletop adventures with six players plus referee, exploring the secrets of the eldritch Thule Archipelago about twice a month. See the The Wolverines page for details on the current PCs.

Here’s a summary of our game sessions:

0 – Thulian Echoes (14-Sep-17): A special “flashback” kickoff session, detailing the exploits of an ancient Roman expedition to the distant Thule Archipelago.

1 – Arrival (16-Nov-17): The expedition arrives at Thule and visits Tolbert’s Tower, where a time-lost warrior from a distant realm joins them. They then meet some of the key figures of Trade Town before making a short foray into the Black City.
2 – Mi-Go Monument (30-Nov-17): The Wolverines return to the worm excavation they discovered in their first foray, then assist in finding a missing Tolbert. They are led to an ancient Hyperborean monument haunted by Mi-Go, and by using drainage tunnels and secret passages manage to win much loot at little risk.
3 – Into the Undercity (14-Dec-17): The Wolverines sneak into the Well of Woe while it is unguarded and discover ancient tombs carved into the volcanic caverns deep below the Undercity. They recover many grave goods and find a subterranean temple, but anger a powerful wraith and are forced to flee.
4 – Danger in the Undercity (28-Dec-17): The PCs discover that the worm excavation has broken into the Undercity. They manage to disperse the Wormy Vhuurmis, but are nearly killed by a Hyperborean Mummy-Wizard. They manage to defeat the undead menace, but suffer some Mortal Wounds in the process.
5 – An Adventure in Three Parts (11-Jan-18):
    • Accidental Summoning: A botched ceremony and several Natural 1’s lead to an unexpected battle with a tentacled horror. Mortal wounds ensue.
    • The Whale Hunt: The Wolverines and crew take advantage of a pod of whales in the nearby bay. Nature Boy speaks with them; whale oil and profits ensue.
    • A Prophesy Fulfilled: Our heroes return to the Undercity to plunder the Temple of Doom, then inadvertently fulfill an ancient prophesy.
6 – Kihago & the Tunnels (24-Jan-18): The party’s Runeseer is “stolen” by Viking Tolbert, and the PCs seek a secret path through the great underground cavern of Kihago and the hidden tunnels to the Dark Spire.
7 – The Secret Council (05-Feb-18): The Wolverines find Lakt, but he is whisked away by a nightgaunt. The PCs then engage in a systematic slaughter of the Secret Council, destroying all undead Tolberts (and most of the living Tolberts). Meanwhile, Hyperborean Jesus arrives in Trade Town.

This campaign is currently active; expect further session logs as the game progresses.

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