Black City

The dragon-necked warships of the Viking raiders sail far and wide in search of treasure. Across the misty northern sea, at the very ends of the world, they discovered a rocky island and an ancient ruin. Song and legend called this land THULE, said to be home to the Hyperboreans – those ancient beings who first discovered magic when the world was new.

On the shore looms the BLACK CITY – a ruined, alien metropolis in the frozen glacier. The ruins are a sprawling expanse of basalt buildings and strange, cyclopean architecture.

The Vikings have a trading camp at a natural harbour near the Black City. Armed groups of adventurers use the camp as a base for forays into the ruins. Not far from here lies the main egress point into the sprawling dungeons beneath the city…

Hyperborea HR

My new campaign is inspired by John Arendt’s Black City Project, set on an eldritch version of the Svalbard Islands (“THULE”) in the late Viking era. The game uses the Adventurer, Conqueror, King System (ACKS), with additions from the forthcoming Heroic Fantasy Companion and my previous Hyperborean campaign.

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Hyperborea HR