Serpent Isles

Forgotten_FaneAfter finishing with the Stone of Sakkara, the Murderhobos acquired a sailing vessel and set off to the Serpent Isles. This next advanture used the Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess module as a basis, but I converted the rules from AS&SH to ACKS. I also changed some background info and names; “Lemuria” becomes “Valusia”, more commonly known as the Serpent Isles.

Several players who had lost their characters decided to create Serpent-Man PCs. We also transitioned from using Google Hangouts to Roll20.

Here’s a summary of our game sessions:

1 – Arrival at Enmei (16-Mar-16 via Hangouts): The Murderhobos complete their long voyage to the Serpent Isles. The ship is damaged by a sea monster and the party is forced to land on a small island.
2 – Tea Party (31-Mar-16 via Hangouts): The Murderhobos visit the Enmei Monastery, where they are invited to a tea party. On the way back to camp, the PCs are attacked by a massive dinosaur.
3 – Junk Attack! (14-Apr-16 via Hangouts): The party sails around the island and find the East Settlement. Murderhoboism ensues, culminating in the capture of a pirate junk.
4 – Pirate Outpost (26-Apr-16 via Hangouts): The Murderhobos leave the vessels to their crew, defeat a snake shaman, and head ashore to the pirate outpost.
5 – The Many Ears of Ming (12-May-16 via Hangouts): Ming the Pirate King hosts the Murderhobos, and manages to take two of their ears. Also, the PCs fight an angry tree (and emerge victorious).
6 – Monastery Standoff (01-Jun-16 via Hangouts): Our heroes ambush several guard shifts, charm a styracosaurus, and finally take down Ming in an epic showdown beside the Enmei pyramid.
7 – The Fall of Kang (16-Jun-16 via Hangouts): The Murderhobos end the standoff, defeating an over-confident Kang.
8 – Oath of Ysssitzz (29-Jun-20 via Roll20): Kaori is revealed to be an serpent-woman; to save Galenos from poison the Murderhobos must vow to leave Enmei.
  8.a – Bert’s Enmei Getaway (10-Jul-16 Tabletop One-on-One) Bert remains at the temple for a solo adventure – a test of loyalty to the Ophidians.
9 – Hydra Island (14-Jul-16 via Roll20): Bert swipes Dougie’s Sakkara shard and the Murderhobos slaughter a hydra.
10 – Roast Pterodactyl (27-Jul-16 via Roll20): The Murderhobos befriend the Ewoks Monkeymen after defeating their flying foes.
11 – Swords Against Nanansa (10-Aug-16 via Roll20): Our heroes delve into the secret entrance to the Temple, and all but one fall in combat to the Daughter of Yig.
  11.a – Burningman’s Folly (08-Sep-16 Roll20 One-on-One) Burningman is caught within a web of deception, dooming his shipmates.
12 – Slaves of the Snake-Men (16-Sep-16 via Roll20): The Murderhobos escape their captors, but Ber-Tami and Lady Vastra are eaten by Nanansa.
13 – Escape from Enmei! (19-Oct-16 via Roll20/Hangouts): Aided by a vision from Xathoqqua, the surviving heroes activate a teleportation portal to Khromarium!

Our heroes adventures will continue in a future module…

Hyperborea HR

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