Hyperborean Laboratories


After escaping the Serpent Isles, the Murderhobos returned to Khromarium, where they lived large until running out of money. I had originally planned to run Charnel Crypt of the Sightless Serpent, but one of the players was familiar with the adventure, so I switched the adventure site to the Hyperborean Laboratories (from AFS#3) instead.

I used Roll20 for the Virtual Tabletop and Google Hangouts for audio.

Here’s a summary of our game sessions:

1 – The Sightless Serpent (16-Nov-16 via Roll20): On hearing a rumour of a great lizard which weeps gemstones, the Murderhobos seek out its home (and slaughter it).
  1.a – Nill Rhultos (Late Nov via email): Our heroes visit the sage Nill Rhultos to translate the mysterious bronze discs which they discovered earlier.
2 – The Facility (30-Nov-16 via Roll20): Delving deeper into the cave complex, the Murderhobos gain entry to a strange and bizarre Hyperboran “Facility”.
3 – Shazun Zhuu (14-Dec-16 via Roll20): A Hyperborean Noblewoman emerges from cryonic suspension, and our heroes attempt to drain the flooded portions of the Facility.
4 – Against the Seekers (12-Jan-17 via Roll20): The Murderhobos delve again into the Facility, discovering further lore and overcoming their old enemies – the Seekers!
5 – Ysabel’s Defeat (08-Feb-17 via Roll20): Our heroes sustain injuries while battling ice zombies and an undead Mi-Go, then defeat Ysabel – the final Seeker.
6 – Implosion! (13-Apr-17 via Roll20): The Facility becomes a nexus for planar entities, and our heroes roll a natural “1” when trying to reset the portals!

The adventure concluded with the Murderhobos victorious, but some were tossed across the dimensions…

Hyperborea HR