Class Summaries

There are a large number of custom classes available in Astonishing ACKS. Listed below are available options, along with links to game rules describing each class.

Core Classes

  • Fighter (STR): A swordsman, bowman, or other warrior type.
  • Mage (INT): A powerful spellcaster who memorizes arcane formulae.
  • Cleric (WIS): An armed and armoured warrior-priest. (Principally worship Xathoqqua; see also the Empyrean gods and Skandik deities.)
  • Thief (DEX): A nimble rogue possessed of numerous specialized skills. (Note my house rule for Thievery Skills.)

Fighter Subclasses

  • Assassin (STR, DEX): A stealthy combatant who specializes in murder and intrigue.
  • Barbarian (STR, CON): An outland warrior possessed of feral instincts.
  • Beastlord (STR, WIS): Barbarian warrior/shaman with a primal connection to his totem animal.
  • Berserker (STR, CON): A rampaging shock trooper renowned for unbridled battle rage.
  • Corsair (STR, DEX): An explorer of the high seas; a seafaring pirate and buccaneer.
  • Monk (WIS, DEX, CON, CHR): An ascetic warrior who strives for physical and mental mastery.
  • Ranger (STR, DEX): Sharp-eyed Keltic (or Kimmeri-Kelt) archers with a deep connection to nature.
  • Scout (STR, DEX): A borderland fighter, frontiersman, and wilderness warrior.
  • Valkyrie/Shieldmaiden (STR, WIS): Legendary warrior-women who are granted divine powers by their patron deity. (Shieldmaiden requires referee consent.)
  • Varangian (STR, CHR): Skandik warrior-merchants who travel the maritime and river trade routes.
  • Weapon Master (STR, WIS): A warrior dedicated to the mastery of a specific weapon type.
  • Warlock (STR, INT): A spell-weaving fighter who wields both steel and sorcery.
  • Half-Breed Spellsword (STR, INT): Hyperborean half-breed trained in both martial combat and arcane spellcasting. (Requires referee consent.)

Mage Subclasses

  • Pyromancer (INT): A specialist mage who manipulates the elemental power of fire.
  • Cryomancer (INT): A specialist mage who manipulates the elemental power of ice.
  • Illusionist (INT): A specialist mage who evokes phantasms and manipulates shadows and light.
  • Enchanter (INT): A subtle specialist who deals in charms and enchantments.
  • Necromancer (INT): A specialist mage who practices black magic and deals with the undead. (Requires referee consent.)
  • Vivimancer (INT): A specialist mage who studies the arcane manipulation of biological life. (Requires referee consent.)
  • Sea Blood Alchemist (INT): A specialist in alchemy and transmogrification with Deep One ancestry. (Requires referee consent.)

Cleric Subclasses

  • Bladedancer (WIS, DEX): Graceful and deadly warrior-women dedicated to Ianna’s war goddess aspect. (Requires referee consent.)
  • Cultist/Priestess (WIS, CHR): A devoted mystic of prodigious spellcasting capacity. (Priestess requires referee consent.)
  • Druid (WIS, CHR): The spiritual and ofttimes governing leaders of Keltic tribes and communities.
  • Shaman (WIS): A primal spellcaster who confers with ancestral and totem spirits.
  • Witch (WIS, CHR): Powerful spellcasters of ancient traditions who draw on multiple supernatural forces.
  • Xathoqquan Sorcerer-Priest (INT, WIS): Combine arcane spellcasting with divine powers from their antemundane patron.

Thief Subclasses

  • Bard/Skald (DEX, CHR): Keltic or Skandik warrior, scholar, and weaver of enchanted lyrics and/or music.
  • Delver (DEX): A cunning and ofttimes underhanded subterranean explorer.
  • Purloiner (DEX, WIS): A thief who practices the divine magic of a cleric.
  • Spellfilch (DEX, INT): An adept thief who also commands the power of sorcery.
  • Venturer (CHR): An adventurous world traveler, seeking out exotic goods and new markets. (Requires referee consent.)
  • Atlantean Dungeoneer (DEX, INT): Atlantean half-breed with a predilection for mechanical devices. (Requires referee consent.)

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