Character Creation

I’ve made a lot of tweaks to the classes in Astonishing ACKS, but the basics of character creation are still the same as in most RPGs.

Eskiut Scout

Roll your ability scores using the online Secure Dice roller. Select “Roll 4d6 and drop the lowest die”. Be sure to pick “Roll this set of dice 6 times”. Email the results to you and me ( (I’ll let you reroll if your total modifiers are lower than +2.)

Character Class

There’s a lot of custom classes in my Hyperborea, so I put together a Character Class Summary Page. (Note that some of these require referee consent before play.)

Note that Hyperborea is human-centric! There are no Elves, Dwarves, Thrassians, or whatever. Some half-breed custom classes may be available, at the referee’s discretion.

Character Builder

I have some tools in Excel to create stat blocks for starting characters. (You’ll need a version of Excel that can handle slicers.) Linked below are the latest “Character Builder” files:

I’ve made two versions; one for 1st-lvl characters, and another for 2nd-lvl PCs (since most of my campaigns now start at 2nd). Enter your particulars and pick a class and template. The front tab shows all the options currently available.

If you’re already familiar with ACKS you don’t need to pick one of the prepared templates; they’re just intended to speed things up – especially with equipment selection.

Advance Level

Unless I’m running a new character funnel, you’ll probably start at 2nd level or higher. You’ll need to roll hit points (roll all your hit dice, but you’ll gain at least 1hp at each new level). Pick any new spells or proficiencies (as appropriate). But leave your starting gear – you’ll need to adventure before I give you better stuff.

Add to Google Sheets

I’m keeping track of PCs via a Google spreadsheet. When your PC is ready, I’ll add them to the sheet. You can see the current Murderhobo stat blocks here:

Join the Google+ Community and Roll20

I’ve set up a Google Community for the campaign (it’s a private group so you’ll need to ask to join), and am currently running sessions via Roll20:

And there! You should be set.

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