Character Creation

The Age of Autarchs is a higher-level campaign. This isn’t a dungeon-crawl or adventure path, it’s more of a sandbox-style strategy game, focusing on the “Conqueror” tier in ACKS. This means power & fame, domain management, and large-scale battles.

Before making a PC, players will need to agree on the primary theme for the group. I can see the campaign going in three different directions:

  • The Domain Game: The PCs are the rulers of a small domain. You’ll need to interact with your liege and vassals, deal with incidents in your territory, and become embroiled in “Game of Thrones”-style shenanigans.
  • The Mercenary Game: The PCs are principals in an independent mercenary company. You’ll end up working for one faction or another but unlike the Domain Game you won’t be tied to any particular liege or territory.
  • The Political Game: The PCs are agents of a specific political group, religious cult, or secret society – perhaps the Light of Truth, the Assassin’s Guild, the Dark Lord of Zard, or the Eaters of Wisdom. You will be pursuing your faction’s particular interests.

Out of the three otions, “Mercenary Game” is probably the most flexible since it could evolve into either of the other two depending on circumstances. In any case, I’ll be starting the campaign in southern Muetar, around the Wind-Swept Downs and the Free City of Sephir.

Note that in this campaign uses material from the ACKS Heroic Fantasy Companion – most notably the Eldritch Magic rules.

Ability Scores

Ability scores are determined as per the “Generating Multiple Characters” optional rule (ACKS Core Rules, p.16). Roll five sets of characters, using 3d6 in order. Select one for your primary PC; you may also pick one a henchman (if you wish).

(I’ll generate the stats using an online dice roller, then post the results to a Google Sheet.)

Character Classes

I’m using a number of custom classes, so I put together a Character Class Summary Page. (Note that some of these require referee consent before play.)

You can pick templates from the ACKS Player’s Companion as a basis, or select proficiencies and basic gear on your own.

Advance Level

Players will carry over XP from the previous campaigns. Your primary PC will start with two-thirds of this total, while your henchman will have one-third. This should place your main character at 5th or 6th level, while your henchman will probably be 3rd or 4th. You’ll need to select proficiencies from levels gained.

Spellcasters (and ceremonialists) can pick half of their spells per spell level (rounded up). The remainder are randomly determined – select a “shade” of magic and toss the dice. (A repeat result means that the repertoire slot is still empty.)

Characters start with 16,000gp (henches get 4000gp). You can buy Special Starting Gear and **magic item costs from Axioms**. You can also purchase **mercs & stuff**. In the “Domain Game”, a stronghold and garrison forces will be provided by your liege.

Other Details

Culture & Languages…

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Regardless of culture, all characters must speak Minarian. (This may require you to spend a General Proficiency on Langauge.) Other languages…

Fate points…

Add to Google Sheets

I’ll keep track of PCs via a Google spreadsheet. When your PC is ready, I’ll add them to the sheet. You can see the current stat blocks here:

And there! You should be set.