Age of Autarchs

It has been two hundred years since the collapse of the Bright Empire and onset of the Dark Years. Mutinous legions of orcs and barbarian raiders from distant lands laid waste to the glory that was the Bright Empire and slaughtered its citizens.

The only bulwarks of civilization to survive were the fiefdoms huddled for protection around the towers of the Wizard-Kings and Sorcerers. Known as “Autarchs”, these powerful spellcasters preserved knowledge and learning through the centuries and slowly gathered power to form the patchwork of baronies and domains which exist today.

But as the realms slowly rebuild, the Autarchs form alliances and wage war against each other in an attempt to conquer their competitors and rule over a new Empire. Meanwhile, the Barbarian Kings and remnants of ancient demi-human realms jostle for control against the Autarchs.

In this age, the balance of power can be shifted by the actions of bold adventurers who have accumulated fame, wealth, & glory and now seek to put a permanent mark on their world…

My newest campaign is based on the two-word concept “Wizard-Kings”.

But not weird Wizard-Kings (like ASE); more like “traditional D&D” or “faux medieval-fantastic” Wizard-Kings. I’m going to lean heavily on the Stronghold & Domain rules from the Adventurer Conqueror King System (ACKS) and try to dabble in large-scale battles and high-level rulership.

The Age of Autarchs campaign is set in Minaria. The map is swiped from the Divine Right board game, but other than location names I’m not using that game’s implied setting. Instead, I’m coming up with my own ideas.

Most events will take in the Kingdom of Muetar:

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