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Back in Khromarium

At the end of the the Serpent Isles adventure, the PCs managed to escape via teleporter back to Khromarium. The surviving Murderhobos will now have an opportunity to recover and regroup, and I’ll need to get ready for their next … Continue reading

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Khromarium Harbour District

My second pre-scheduled post. This one’s another Thomas Kinkade piece – a view of Khromarium from the hills overlooking the harbour district:

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Hyperborean Demographics – Khromarium

In my second post on Hyperborean demographics, I’m focusing on Khromarium and its vassal communities surrounding the Lug Wasteland (Stonebrook, Port Greely, and Swampgate). These four settlements constitute a single realm, the City-State of Khromarium. (Again, this is a very … Continue reading

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Draining Characters of their Hard-Earned Gold

I’ve been running some low-level games for my kids lately. They’re really keen on knowing what they can buy with their ill-gotten loot. This came up as well in my previous Sakkara game, and I figured I should highlight “interesting things … Continue reading

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Ysabel of Jörmungandr

In my earlier Stone of Sakkara game, I threatened the PCs with rival adventuring parties; specifically, the “Five Delvers” and the “Seekers”. Whenever the PCs left booty behind, they would return to find it looted by these enterprising competitors. Now … Continue reading

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