Atomic ACKS – Pure-Strain Custom Classes

You know how sometimes you get an idea and can’t focus on anything else until you get it out of your system? I should be finishing up the new characters for my Black City campaign, but for some reason am thinking about how I’d set up a post-apocalyptic ACKS game.


All Pure-Strain classes require minimum Intelligence, Constitution, and Charisma scores of 9 or better.

Class Category Values

Psionics: Pure-Strains may never allocate build points to the Psionic catevory.

Pure-Strain Value

Value   Pure-Strain XP Cost
4 Pure-Strain + 4 proficiencies 1200
3 Pure-Strain + 3 proficiencies 700
2 Pure-Strain + 2 proficiencies 400
1 Pure-Strain + 1 proficiency 200
0 Pure-Strain Human 0

When building a Pure-Strain custom class, assign between 0 and 4 build points to the class’s Pure-Strain Value. All Pure-Strains gain the following custom powers:

  • Medical Compatibility: Pure-Strains can benefit from pre-Fall medical technology and related relics without suffering any complications.
  • Tech-Adept: As inheritors of the Ancients, Tech proficiencies are considered class proficiencies for all Pure-Strains. In particular, Pure-Strains may select the Advanced-Tech proficiency at character creation.
  • Creep Sickness: Pure-Strains never possess any mutations. They are still susceptible to the Creep, but they do not mutate in the same way as most other genotypes. If a Pure-Strain becomes contaminated by Creep, the effects will take the form of a progressive wasting disease known as Creep Sickness:

Contamination Level
Effect – Creep Sickness
1 Mild No detrimental effects.
2 Low The character feels fatigued. -2 to maximum hit points and Base Healing Rate decreases by one ‘step’.
3 Moderate Becomes prone to infection and haemorrhaging. -2 to saves vs. Poison & Death; BHR decreases by another step.
4 High Lesions and sores develop. Increase save penalty to -4 vs. Poison & Death; BHR decreases by another step.
5 Severe The character’s Base Healing Rate decreases to 1hp.
6 Lethal Terminal infection sets in. The character dies at the end of 1d4 agonizing days.

Additional points allocated to the Pure-Strain Value represents expertise in technology and Ancient lore. Each point provides one bonus Tech proficiency as well as a +1 bonus on all proficiency throws and thievery skills.

Experience Point Progression

Classes with a Pure-Strain value of 1 or higher increase the amount of experience required to gain each level after 8th by 10,000 XP.

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