Forbidden Magic & Corruption

(This post continues the theme from the past two days, providing information about the Invisible School and life as a Wizard in Minaria.)

The Eaters of Wisdom:

The Invisible School is secretly ruled by the Eaters of Wisdom, an Illuminati-style cabal of high-level Wizards. Ranking Wizards would have heard rumours about them; Autarchs know that they control the Invisible School. It is the Eaters of Wisdom who decree which lines of study are “forbidden” and have the authority to declare a spellcaster “outlaw”.

Currently forbidden topics include:

  • Demon-summoning. (It’s fine to summon elementals and natural animals. Shadows and oozes are considered problematic, but not forbidden.)
  • Free-Willed Undead. (Skeletons & zombies are fine, but necromantic transformation and free-willed undead are not allowed.)
  • Sentient constructs. (Research into the ancient Dwarven warforged is forbidden; this also applies to Juggernauts.)
  • Sentient crossbreeds. (Monstrous crossbreeds of animal intellect are fine, but no new sentient species can be created.)
  • Apocalyptic rituals. (Such as Cataclysm, Plague, Undead Legion, and the like.)

(Of course, the Eaters of Wisdom themselves are allowed to research these subjects, and they jealously restrict all such Forbidden Lore to themselves alone.)

Wizards who conduct forbidden research are declared “outlaw”. To be re-admitted into the order, they must relinquish any forbidden items and material and take a magically-binding vow to avoid such topics in the future.

(Belief in the Light of Truth is not “forbidden”, but will severely limit a Wizard’s advancement within the Invisible School. The use of gunpowder is similarly distrusted, but is generally under civil jurisdiction rather than Wizard law.)

Corrupted Wizards:

The Invisible School keeps and eye for severe corruption in its members. Wizards who succumb to corruption are quietly given the opportunity to “retire” to a remote location and be more careful with their activities. Often, though, corrupted Wizards in positions of power need to be “taken out” by a (super-powerful, super-secret) Eaters of Wisdom strike team.

(In my current campaign, the Invisible School now has a problem with Malakis. He’s been on the “edge of corruption” for several years, but is also one of the most powerful Wizards in Minaria. He was offered a senior position with the Eaters of Wisdom, but rejected it and appears to have gone batshit crazy.)

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