The Invisible School and You

(This is a follow-up to yesterday’s post, providing some rule hooks for the Invisible School.)

The Invisible School refers both to the actual Invisible School on the shores of the Well of Lered as well as the whole system & infrastructure of Wizard rulership.

All ranking Wizards (5th-level and above) are expected to be members in good standing of the Invisible School. For independent Wizards, their monthly upkeep costs are assumed to include dues & payments to the Invisible School. However, most funding for the Invisible School comes from Wizard-ruled domains (see below).

Benefits of Membership:

Wizards in good standing receive free spell instruction upon level advancement, subsidised access to libraries and laboratories for research, are able to buy and sell magic items (at the standard crazy-high ACKS prices; assume commissioning time represents transfer to and/or from the Invisible School itself).

The Guild also provides banking services and “traveller’s cheques” – similar to the Knights Templar during the Crusades. Note that these benefits are only available within the Wizard Kingdoms themselves.

The actual infrastructure to support these activities is generally found within major urban centres, often co-located with the tower/sanctum of the local ruling Wizard.

Wizard Congregations:

Wizards with domains are expected to be the centre of worship as well. These are framed more like “mandatory volunteer service” (or cults of personality) rather than actual religious institutions. Nonetheless, a Wizard will acquire congregants and Divine Power as per the ACKS rules. (Just don’t expect the peasantry to be really “into” the whole thing; congregants are probably just the Wizard’s apprentices and wannabe spellcasters.)

The Wizard Tithe:

This whole system of “Wizard Worship” is essentially the state religion of the Wizard Kingdoms. Domain tithes end up being paid to the Invisible School itself, which controls all magic and is supposed to keep the Autarchs in line (remove overly-corrupt rulers, censor “forbidden” lore, etc.).

In practical terms, the tithe would be “service in kind” performed by a domain’s peasants on landholdings of the Invisible School. This would be supplemented by whatever local Wizards, apprentices, and Thaumaturgists produce.

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