More Degenerate Classes

I’m still obsessed with Dungeon Degenerates. Earlier I posted ACKS custom classes suitable for Würstreich and the Borderlands. Since then I’ve created a few more:

  • Barbarian: Savage warriors from outside the Würstreich’s borders.
  • Gladiator: Arena combatants who fight for sport and to entertain audiences.
  • Grifter: Gypsies, fortune-tellers, & entrepreneurial carnival entertainers.

(I’ve built these using the ACKS Player’s Companion, plus house rules from Astonishing ACKS and the Black City.)


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1 Response to More Degenerate Classes

  1. K-Slacker says:

    Here’s a house-ruled version of the Magical Music proficiency. It’s loosely based on the one from the Heroic Fantasy Handbook, but does not use spell points:

    Magical Music: If the character is not already a spellsinger, then he gains a limited ability to spellsing. The character has one 1st level spellsong in his repertoire, which he can cast once per day as a 1st level spellsinger. A character already capable of spellsinging who selects this proficiency can add one additional spell (of any level he can cast) to his repertoire. The proficiency may be selected multiple times.

    For my campaign, I’m thinking that “spellsongs” are a limited selection of 1st-lvl arcane and divine spells, including Charm Person, Cure Light Wounds, and Sleep (among others).

    A spellsinger must succeed a Performance proficiency throw to cast the spell, which normally takes one turn. They can attempt a hasty performance (which requires only one round), but suffers a -4 penalty on his throw.

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