Gamer ADD – Dungeon Degenerates

I’ve got a ton of other projects and obligations on the go, but I’ve spent the past month playing way too much Dungeon Degenerates.

Here’s the game blurb:

Dungeon Degenerates: Hand of Doom takes place in the Borderlands of the decaying Eastern Provinces of the Würstreich. Players take escaped criminal adventurers on unsavoury missions through four distinct regions, each with their own monsters & encounters. As the players explore the Würstreich, danger levels rise continuously across the map. Players must complete their mission before the Hand of Doom descends on the board, unleashing evil magic on the land.

I’d like to write an actual review at some point, but for now you can read what others are saying. Or just go ahead and order the game.

Degenerate Classes:

One neat aspect is that the board game takes place within a larger game world; the Würstreich is definitely a gameable campaign setting, and the different playable characters are really original. Here are a few Degenerate classes for your gaming pleasure:

  • Outlaw Alchemist: Unlicensed pharmacologists who will work for the highest bidder.
  • Vermin Hunter: Cunning and ofttimes underhanded killers of nasty pests.
  • Templar: Oppressive police force of the Church of Law.
  • Witch Smeller: Trained to sniff out witchcraft & heresy.

(The Outlaw Alchemist is swiped from Superhero Necromancer. Flavour text is swiped from Dungeon Degenerate rulebooks & supplements.)

I’ve built these using the guidelines from the ACKS Player’s Companion, but in the end I might adapt them as Labyrinth Lord classes for my Dolmenbarrow Campaign.

Anyhow, I figured some folks might be interested.


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