The Friar (Cleric Variant)

I’m adding the friar class as an option in my current campaign. It’s adapted from the Fantastic Heroes & Witchery RPG by Dominique Crouzet.

Friars are all sorts of wandering preachers and simple parish priests, whose religious ideal is to serve their communities in the name of their faith.

Friars are actually more common than clerics in Dolmenwood – and more popular among its inhabitants. While still servants of the One True God, many friars propitiate obscure saints or local petty gods as well. (Their loose interpretation of the faith and recognition of other deities does not seem to affect any of their class abilities.)

Game Rules:

As per Friar class from FH&W, with the following clarifications and adjustments:

  • Experience requirements, attack progression, and saving throws are as per cleric.
  • Bludgeoning weapons only, as per cleric.
  • Armour is restricted to studded leather (AC 6) or lighter; shields permitted.
  • For the Community Ear class ability, use a “Hear Noise” check (with chances as per thief of equal level).

Friars are appropriate as PCs in the DolmenBarrow campaign.



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