Revisionist Theology Pt. 3 – Artemis

This is my third Revisionist Theology post, converting the Empyrean gods of the Auran campaign to the Greek gods of AS&SH.

Today I provide guidelines for Artemis. This one was tricky; Artemis is the goddess of the hunt, but I want to keep her followers distinct from Shamans and Druids.

I originally used Bladedancers to reflect followers of Ianna/Artemis. This revised version highlights archery and hunting, while still recognizing her martial skills.

Hyperborea HR

Artemis as a deity is associated with hunting, forests, hills, chastity, fertility, and independence. She manifests as a regal warrior-woman and is reputed to favour huntsmen and matriarchal societies. As the twin sister of Apollo, Artemis is said to dwell amongst the forests of Hyperborea – especially those of New Amazonia and the Floating Island of Paradoxon.

Artemis is served by Huntresses, Shieldmaidens, and Priestesses. Apollo and Artemis were both esteemed by the Hyperboreans of Old Earth, before the race turned to Xathoqqua. The pair are still often worshipped together – except by the Amazonians, who scorn Apollo.

Hyperborea HR

Huntress of Artemis

Huntresses of Artemis are similar to the standard ACKS Clerics with the following modifications:

Requirements: WIS, DEX, & CHR 9 or more. Non-chaotic alignment. Typically female (male huntresses must take a female role).
Broad Weapon Selection: One-handed melee weapons, all missile weapons.
Narrow Armour Selection: Leather armour or lighter (no shields).
Two Fighting Styles: Two-handed weapons, two-weapon style.

Proficiencies: Alertness, Animal Husbandry, Apostasy, Armour Training, Battle Magic, Beast Friendship, Combat Reflexes, Combat Trickery (disarm, trip), Divine Blessing, Divine Health, Fighting Style, Laying on Hands, Martial Training, Military Strategy, Naturalism, Passing Without Trace, Precise Shot, Quiet Magic, Running, Skirmishing, Survival, Swashbuckling, Tracking, Trapping, Unflappable Casting, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus.

Granted Powers: Huntresses cannot Turn Undead. Instead, they are granted the following powers:

  • Aura of Protection: The Huntress gains a +1 bonus to AC and a +1 on saving throws against attacks made or effects created by chaotic creatures.
  • Weapon Focus (Bows): Huntresses are skilled archers. An attack with a bow scoring an unmodified 20 inflicts double normal damage.

Spell List: Huntresses of Artemis follow my house rules for divine casters, including the revised Divine 2 spell progression.

Hyperborea HR

Shieldmaiden of Artemis

Shieldmaidens of Artemis emphasize the goddess in her martial aspect. Unlike Huntresses, they focus on melee combat (instead of archery). This class is favoured by Amazonians; Shieldmaidens are rare in mainland Hyperborea.



Hyperborea HR

Priestess of Artemis

This is a variant of the Priestess class from the ACKS Player’s Companion. Amazonians do not worship Artemis in this aspect, but Priestesses can be found in mainland Hyperborea (oft in association with Priests of Apollo).

They follow the standard rules for Priestesses, with the following exceptions:

  • Priestesses of Artemis cannot Turn Undead (4 trade-offs). They instead possess an Aura of Protection (as per Huntress, above) and the Village Wisdom proficiency (with cantrips focusing on pregnancy and childbirth). They also have Martial Training (bows) and one rank in Survival.
  • Their code of conduct requires them to stay chaste and remain cloistered in the shrines and fanes of Artemis. This ties Priestesses to a particular location and typically makes them unsuitable as adventuring PCs.

They use the Priestess spell list and follow my house rules for divine casters, including the revised Divine 4 spell progression.

Hyperborea HR


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2 Responses to Revisionist Theology Pt. 3 – Artemis

  1. Tom H. says:

    What’s with the Huntress having two-handed weapon style, but no proficient two-handed weapons?

    • K-Slacker says:

      It’s the same rationale as the ACKS Thief – Huntresses can wield some one-handed weapons (such as swords and spears) with two hands for 1d8 damage, but not big two-handed weapons (like polearms and two-handed swords).

      Also I’m not sure how the “two-handed” style interacts with bows; could be a question for the Autarch forum.

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