Revisionist Theology Pt. 1 – Mjölnir

I’ve been running my Astonishing ACKS campaign for a few years now. I’m pretty happy with how things are going, and am glad that I’ve archived a lot of my thoughts on this gameblog, but there are a few things now that I wish I could go back and change…

One thing that I’ve wrestled with is how to represent Hyperborean gods using the ACKS rules. In some cases, I took the lazy route – swiping the deities from the ACKS Auran Campaign and dropping them directly in Hyperborea. This is how Türas – Auran god of justice & valour – ended up being conflated with Thor.

If I could go back, I’d like to replace Türas with Mjölnir in my campaign…

Hyperborea HR

Cleric of Mjölnir


Thor fell in battle during Ragnarok, and is no longer worshiped by the Skandiks of Hyperborea. However, the legendary hammer Mjölnir was retrieved by his sons Móði and Magni. They now wield it against the otherworldly enemies threatening humanity.

Clerics of Mjölnir seek to emulate the strength of Móði, Magni, and fallen Thor. Devotion to this faith is strongly discouraged in Vikland itself, but is preserved on the remote island of Thur and has recently spread to New Vinland and Brigand’s Bay.

Requirements: WIS 9+, STR 12+. Lawful or neutral alignment.
Custom Weapon Selection: Axes; swords/daggers; club, spear, warhammer. (“Narrow” weapon selection, plus one tradeoff for Broad Armour.)
Broad Armour Selection: Chain armour or lighter (including shields).
Two Fighting Styles: Weapon & shield, two-handed weapons.
Proficiencies: As Cleric; minus Righteous Turning, plus Endurance.

Granted Powers: Clerics of Mjölnir cannot Turn Undead. Instead, they are granted the following benefits:

  • Brute Strength: The Cleric of Mjölnir receives a +4 bonus on throws to open doors and similar acts of brute strength. (This is equivalent to the Dungeon Bashing proficiency.)
  • Otherworldly Enemies: The sons of Thor wield Mjölnir against eldritch horrors. Clerics receive +1 on attack throws against aboleths, crab-men, elder things, fish-men, the Great Race, mi-go, night-gaunts, spore-men, and tentacular horrors. At level 7, this bonus increases to +2, and at level 13 it increases to +3.

Spell List: Clerics of Mjölnir are Divine 2 casters with the following spell list:

Hyperborea HR


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3 Responses to Revisionist Theology Pt. 1 – Mjölnir

  1. K-Slacker says:

    If Mjölnir-worship replaces Türas, then we’ll need to update one branch of Valkyries. Instead of Türas, there are women-warriors who venerate Þrúðr (aka “Thrud”) – the daughter of Thor and a giantess (and half-sister to Móði and Magni).

    Her very name means “Strength” and Valkyries of Þrúðr gain Brute Strength (as per Dungeon Bashing) as their granted power. They’re on friendly terms with the Mjölnir cult, but do not trust Ymir or Ullr.

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