Ysabel of Jörmungandr

In my earlier Stone of Sakkara game, I threatened the PCs with rival adventuring parties; specifically, the “Five Delvers” and the “Seekers”. Whenever the PCs left booty behind, they would return to find it looted by these enterprising competitors.

Now that the Murderhobos are based in Khromarium, they are again facing rivals in their delves. I re-used the Seekers (as recurring villains) and last session they finally met up with the PCs inside the dungeon.

Murderhoboism ensued and the Seekers were defeated – except for their leader, named Ysabel, who managed to escape. She’s gained a level now, and I’ve redone her stat block in Astonishing ACKS style…

ysabelYsabel was raised in the Skandik capital of Eriksgaard, but always felt different from others. Perhaps it was her keen intellect and compelling allure. Or maybe it was her snake-like eyes.

As a young woman, Ysabel decided to take a gap year to “find herself” in mainland Hyperborea. Landing in Brigand’s Bay, she caught the interest of cultists of Jörmungandr who recognized her as being “touched” by their god.

Inducted into their ranks, Ysabel found her true calling and rose quickly in power as a Cleric of the Midgard Serpent. She became obsessed with seeking out ruins and lore related to the ancient Serpent-Men, and formed an adventuring party (the Seekers) to support this cause.

Called by the Sinister Stone, Ysabel’s quest eventually led her to Türas Tem. Unfortunately, a group of ruthless brigands (the Murderhobos) were already active in the dungeon there. The fools thoughtlessly destroyed the ancient relic found therein, and Ysabel swore vengeance against them.

Ysabel was in Khromarium the following year, and heard a rumour that a group of “Murderhobos” had discovered an ancient Hyperborean facility. Paying off the guide who had led them to the site, Ysabel set out to the dungeon with her Seekers…

Character: Ysabel, 6th-lvl Skandik Cleric of Jörmungandr
Stats: STR:9 (+0), INT:16 (+2), WIS:13 (+1), DEX:12 (+0), CON:11 (+0), CHR:17 (+2)
Saves: Petrification&Paralysis:10, Poison&Death:7, Blast&Breath:13, Staffs&Wands:10, Spells:12
Combat: AC:5, HD:6d6 (24hp), Initiative +1, Base Atk 8+, Movement:90′ (30′)
Attacks: Mace (2H) (7+,1d8+1), Dagger (8+,1d4+poison), Dagger (thrown) (8+,1d4+poison)
Class Features: Ambushing (+4 Atk, ×2 dmg on surprise), Familiar (viper; bonus Battle Magic proficiency), Cast Divine Spells, Magical Research (minor)
Proficiencies: Snake Blood (infravision 15′), Combat Reflexes, Leadership, Seduction, Theology, Knowledge (Ophidian Lore)
Equipment: Chain mail (+1), marble-headed mace with cuneiform inscriptions (+1), dagger (coated with viper poison), silver unholy symbol of Jörmungandr, backpack (mirror, tinderbox, 6 torches, 2 small sacks, 1 weeks’ iron rations, waterskin), ring of invisibility, scroll (Cure Light Wounds, Resist Fire, & Cure Disease)
Encumbrance: 5½ stone; MV 90′ (30′) [encumbrance thresholds 5/8/10/20]
Divine Spells: 1st-lvl (2/day) – Command Word, Darkness, Spider Climb
  2nd-lvl (2/day) – Choking Grip, Hold Person, Silence (15′ radius)
  3rd lvl (1/day) – Hypnotic Pattern
Actions: Open Doors (18+), Detect Secret Doors (18+), Hear Noise (18+), Find Traps (18+)
Languages: Common, Skandik, Hellenic, Parseltongue [Literate]

Snake Totem: Viper; MV 90′, AC3, HD3 (hp 12), #AT1, D1d6+poison (death after 1d4+2 turns), always has initiative, Save C3 [Bonus proficiency: Battle Magic]

Hyperborea HR


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One Response to Ysabel of Jörmungandr

  1. K-Slacker says:

    The Seekers were swiped from the ACKS version of Dwimmermount, with modifications to reflect my own campaign.

    And I notice now that the picture doesn’t quite match Ysabel’s stats: Clerics of Jörmungandr are not proficient with shields.

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