Hedge Wizards & Village Wisdom

frog_woodcutA quick post while I prep for tonight’s game… Autarch’s Patreon program releases monthly playtest documents (which are subsequently bundled into the Axioms releases). The latest one is entitled Hedge Wizardry and Village Wisdom and details cantrips and other minor magics.

It’s a neat implementation of folk traditions that fleshes out “peasant magic”. Not much of it really affects adventuring PCs, but I can see a few minor house rules that I might implement:

  • Antiquarian Tradition: Replace the 1st-lvl Antiquarian Witch “Healing” bonus proficiency with “Village Wisdom”.
  • Mages & Cantrips: Mages in Astonishing ACKS have the Overcasting special ability (from Axioms #1). Characters may substitute Hedge Wizardry, if they wish, to represent spellcasters from more humble backgrounds.
  • Dabblers in the Art: In Astonishing ACKS Hedge Wizardry may be selected as a class proficiency by Mages (including all subclasses), Thieves, Assassins, Warlocks, Xathoqquans, Bards/Skalds, and Spellfilches. Village Wisdom may be selected as a class proficiency by Clerics (including all subclasses), Beastlords, Monks, Valkyries/Shieldmaidens, Xathoqquans, and Purloiners.

If you haven’t already, you should check out the Autarch Patreon program and the already-published issues of Axioms.

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