Ivgah, Ghoul-Blooded Necromancer

(I statted up a Necromancer antagonist for my current adventure, but don’t think I’ll end up using him. So I’m posting Ivgah here instead, showcasing my Necromancer custom class and Hyperborean Ghouls.)

Ivgah the Ghoul-Blooded

Character: Ivgah, 8th-lvl Ghoul-Blooded Necromancer
Stats: STR:9 (+0), INT:15 (+1), WIS:12 (+0), DEX:13 (+1), CON:11 (+0), CHR:5 (-2)
Saves: Petrification&Paralysis:11, Poison&Death:11, Blast&Breath:13, Staffs&Wands:9, Spells:10
Combat: AC:5, HD:8d4 (24hp), Initiative +1 (+2 spellcasting), Base Atk 8+, Movement:120′ (40′)
Attacks: Dagger (6+,1d4+2); Dagger (thrown) (5+,1d4+2)
Class Features: Cast Arcane Spells (Caster lvl 6th/necromancy 8th), Black Lore of Ix (control undead as 4th-lvl cleric, targets -2 to save vs. death), Inexorable (immune to fear), Dark Soul, Signature Spells, Magical Research (necromancy)
Proficiencies: Ghoulish Blood (infravision 15′), Battle Magic, Collegiate Wizardry, Intimidation, Theology
Equipment: Glowing dagger (+2), defensive bracers (AC 4), black tunic and pants, leather belt, leather gloves, high boots
Encumbrance: 1 stone; MV 120′ (40′) [encumbrance thresholds 5/8/10/20]
Other Gear: Flesh-bound spellbook (containing all spells in repertoire), 5 violet sapphires (100gp each), 4 elixers of longevity, iron box (steel vial containing gelatanous cube matter, vial of powdered mammoth bone, mummified bat wings)
Arcane Spells: Signature Spells (each 1/day) – Choking Grip, Ray of Enfeeblement, Dismember, Animate Dead
  1st-lvl (4/day) – Animate Carrion, Choking Grip, Darkness, Detect Undead, Protection from Chaos, Shocking Grasp
  2nd-lvl (3/day) – Deathless Minion, Forest of Bones, Necromantic Potence, Ray of Enfeeblement, Uncanny Gyration
  3rd-lvl (2/day) – Dismember, Lightning Bolt, Slow, Speak with Dead
Actions: Open Doors (18+), Detect Secret Doors (18+), Hear Noise (18+), Find Traps (18+)
Languages: Common, Ixian, Pnathic [Literate]

Hyperborea HR


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