Shazun Zhuu, Hyperborean Noble

(I’ve run several Astonishing ACKS sessions online since my last adventure logs; here’s a recent addition to the party – a Hyperborean Noble restored from hibernation.)

Shazun ZhuuA young scion of a lesser Hyperborean noble house, Shazun Zhuu showed sufficient promise as a courtier and fleshcrafter to advance in station. In time, she became a liaison on a secret research project for her family…

…Or at least, that’s what she remembers. Days ago, Shazun was released from centuries of suspended hibernation by a motley crew of degenerate sub-men who refer to themselves as “Murderhobos”. Using her skills and wiles, she has managed to survive thus far in this strange new world.

Now, reading through her personal spellbook, Shazun has come across passages that she cannot recall writing but scribed in her own hand. The last entry reads:

“Despite the ministrations of the Fleshcrafters, I succumb to the Green Death. I am spawning a clone using the most recent pre-infection sample. Hopefully in rebirth I can forestall the Fall of Zhuu.”

Character: Shazun Zhuu, 5th-lvl Hyperborean Noble (Clone)
Stats: STR:13 (+1), INT:15 (+1), WIS:14 (+1), DEX:14 (+1), CON:13 (+1), CHR:15 (+1)
Saves: Petrification&Paralysis:10, Poison&Death:10, Blast&Breath:13, Staffs&Wands:11, Spells:12
Combat: AC:4, HD:5d6+5 (26hp), Initiative +1, Base Atk 8+, Movement:120′ (40′), Morale:??
Attacks: Dagger (6+,1d4+1); Dagger (thrown) (7+,1d4+1)
Racial Powers: Ancient Pacts, Uncanny Senses, Overcasting, Longevity, Hyperborean Tongues, Inhumanity (-1)
Class Features: Cast Arcane Spells (Caster lvl 3rd), Classical Weapons Training (+1 Atk in melee), Inspire Courage (allies gain +1 Atk/dmg/morale)
Proficiencies: Diplomacy, Eldritch Aura (as Mystic Aura), Magical Engineering, Sensing Power, Knowledge (Hyperborean lore ×2), Knowledge (genetics)
Equipment: Noble’s dagger (with Zhuu crest), Hyperboran environmental suit (AC 2), fabristeel doublet (+1 AC), Hyperborean signet ring (House of Zhuu), flesh-bound spellbook (contains repertoire spells plus Mutate Breed and Accelerated Metabolism)
Encumbrance: 2½ stone; MV 120′ (40′) [encumbrance thresholds 5/8/10/21]
Arcane Spells: Overcasting capability as per Axioms Issue 1
  1st-lvl (2/day) – Charm Person, Flesh Shape, Unseen Servant
  2nd-lvl (1/day) – Clone Plant or Animal, Minimus Replication
Actions: Open Doors (14+), Detect Secret Doors (8+/14+), Hear Noise (18+), Find Traps (18+)
Languages: Hellenic, Hyperborean, Atlantean, R’leyhian, Pnathic [Literate, 1 empty slot]
Experience: 19,600 XP (+5% bonus)
Next level: 39,200 XP req’d for 6th

Hyperborea HR


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