ACKS Vivimancer


Vivimancer Illustration Copyright 2014 Cadanse D., from the Complete Vivimancer

Continuing with yesterday’s biotech theme, I’m presenting an ACKSified version of the Vivimancer from Theorems & Thaumaturgy and the Complete Vivimancer.

Vivimancers (also known as fleshcrafters) are mages who study the arcane manipulation of biological life. They typically evince the qualities of cold, scientific inquiry and ruthless dedication; seeking, through their studies and experiments, to dominate the processes of life, twisting them to their own ends.

From Theorems & Thaumaturgy:

The Vivimancer takes inspiration from the opening story of The Dying Earth by Jack Vance. There we meet Turjan of Mir as he struggles to master the forgotten principles of life that will enable him to produce intelligent beings from his vats.

The ACKS class is built on my Specialist Mage chassis, with my favourite Vivimancer spell choices available as signature spells. In my campaign, Ophidians and Hyperboreans are the true masters of vivimancy, with human Vivimancers understanding only a fraction of the Ancient secrets.


Because of its extreme weirdness, the Vivimancer is really intended as more of an NPC class. Also, I would need to tweak some of the spells in play to reflect ACKS rules.

Hyperborea HR


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5 Responses to ACKS Vivimancer

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  2. K-Slacker says:

    There’s a handful of Necromancer spells from AS&SH that I’d add as well, such as agonizing touch, transfer wounds, and (especially) gelatinize bones.

  3. Gavin Norman says:

    This seems cool! I’ve still never checked out ACKS. I like the limit to fifth level spells.

    What’s summon formless spawn?? I like the sound of that!

    • K-Slacker says:

      ACKS is my go-to ruleset for most of my games. The rules are solid, but the writing lacks a certain whimsy. In addition to my Hyperborean campaign, I’ve been running some ACKSified Dolmenwood / Barrowmaze for my kids lately.

      The summon formless spawn is just the conjure oozes spell from the ACKS Player’s Companion with a different name. It seemed like a good fit for the Vivimancer. (I should actually add the description to my “Xathoqquan Spells” post…)

      • Gavin Norman says:

        Oh nice! Another person running Dolmenwood / Barrowmaze! (I’m doing so myself.) Or are you someone I know on g+ under a different name? ;)

        I’ll check out your spells post. I always like new spells!

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