Hyperborean Biotechnology

engineer_armour_helmetI’m still on an Alien/Prometheus kick and am really digging the Hyperboreans as Promethean Engineers thing.

I’m thinking of playing up Hyperborean Biotechnology in my game. I’ve got a draft put together for an ACKS Vivimancer class, based on the supplements from Necrotic Gnome. It also gives me a chance to finally tie in some stuff from the 3e-era Chaositech sourcebook, which I’ve been meaning to use for over a decade now.

But let’s start with something easy, like armour…

Hyperborea HR

engineer_chair_armourHyperborean Armour

Armour produced using Hyperborean biotech has an “organic” appearance and is constructed largely from nephelite and hardened resin, making it lighter than regular metal armour.

The secrets to forge armour from these materials have been lost, but existing suits from before the Green Death can sometimes be found in Hyperborean ruins. They are, however, universally sized for the large-statured Hyperboreans themselves and are unusable by humans without modification.

Thus, most types of “Hyperborean” armour in modern use are actually built by stripping components of an ancient Hyperborean suit and retooling them for human-sized wearers.

Carapace Armour consists of a scavenged Hyperborean breastplate with lighter protection (typically cuirboilli) provided for the arms and legs. The components are then dyed or painted in complementary colours. (Considered “medium” armour.)

Composite Armour is built by also stripping Hyperborean “greaves” and “vambraces” and backing with with heavier chain mail to increase overall protection. (Considered “medium” armour and can be worn by characters restricted to “chain or lighter”.)

“Full” Hyperborean Armour uses even more components and outwardly resembles the suits of old. However, even this armour is an amalgam of Hyperborean components with modern materials. (Considered “heavy” armour.)

Hyperborean Armour is only available for purchase in Khromarium, with the following prices and statistics:

  • Hyperborean Carapace: 640gp, AC 4, enc. 3 stone
  • Composite Hyperborean Armour: 760gp, AC 5, enc. 4 stone
  • Full Hyperborean Armour: 1240gp, AC 6, enc. 5 stone

Standard ACKS rules for equipment availability (p.40) apply, noting that Khromarium is considered a Class II market.

Hyperborea HR


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4 Responses to Hyperborean Biotechnology

  1. The Engineers have always been cloud giants in my games since I saw the Prometheus film. Nice job on these conversions btw.
    Chaostech is a good fit as well for this.
    Needles ‘Swords & Stitchery’ blog

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