Sightless Serpent – NPCs

(We’ve started our next Astonishing ACKS adventure; I’ll post some of the NPCs here to help the players keep track of things…)

reimarReimar the Red (Scout): The Keltic scout is some 60 years of age, missing a hand, toothless, and blind in one eye. He wears a soiled red sash around his neck. Reimar discovered the lair of the Sightless Serpent in the Lug Wasteland and there recovered several valuable sapphires (subsequently spent on revelry). For a share of further gems, he will lead a party to the site.

basilisk_croppedThe Sightless Serpent: The Sightless Serpent is an 8-legged, 14-foot long unique basilisk; a garish and bloated monstrosity. There are no eyes in its massive skull; only deep empty sockets remain. When angered or disturbed, the creature weeps faceted pyramidal sapphires (each worth 100gp). Before it was slain by the Murderhobos, the Sightless Serpent lived within a limestone tor in the swampy Lug Wastes.

nill_rhultosNill Rhultos (Sage): A registered member of the Sage’s Guild of Khromarium, old Nill specializes in Hyperborean artefacts and lore. He charges the standard rate of 125gp per week for research and study and sometimes buys rare items if they interest him. He is known to operate discreetly and has friendly relations with both the Xathoqquan Orthodoxy and the Thieves’ Guild.

Blind SmithThe Blind Smith: This pale Kimmerian now dwells in the Khromarium slums. Although bereft of regular vision, he can “see” the enchantment in magic armour, allowing him to modify or repair such items. Furthermore, he is hopelessly addicted to black lotus, which in the past you have used to buy his services.

Lord of SecretsThe Lord of Secrets: This mysterious sorcerer acts as the agent of Zhao Shah (Sorcerer-King of the Valusian Remnant) in Khromarium. You suspect that he is a Serpent-Man Hybrid, or that he disguises himself using magic. He helped arrange your passage to the Serpent Isles and in return requested transport of some valuable cargo to his master. You have not attempted to contact him since your return to Khromarium.

Hyperborea HR


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